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How To Gain The Strength You Need - When Feeling Oh So Weak

As women, we wear many hats. We are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends and workers. Each role we take on has it's own set of obligations and responsibilities which can leave us tapped out. Am I right? So, where is this strength we demonstrate when we are weak? It’s in us when we recognize we are close to burning out and we are strong enough to do something about it. No matter what. The following ways are how and when we show that inner strength as a way to preserve and protect our well being.

Say no Sometimes we lay the guilt on thick when we feel like we can’t say no. Whether it’s a play date, an invite to an event, or a work assignment that conflicts with another or takes you away from something more important. Recognize that we are human and can only take on so much.

Call in reinforcements We all have a tribe. Call grandparents, other family and friends to give you a break. Be honest and ask for help. Even if it's just to go and grab a coffee, take a walk or get a massage. Even better if you can arrange for them to watch the kiddos and enjoy a date night. Those moments of reconnecting with our love or ourselves are so important and healthy.

Be balanced I don’t know about you, but especially during breaks I hit panic mode when I feel like the kiddies don’t have activities lined up every day, but you know what? It’s important for them to also see that there are days when staying in is ok, and those are the days to catch up on things indoors, like house chores or just to relax and catch up on reading or watching a movie and bonus... mama gets a break.

Self care This is so important and something I can honestly say I need to work on harder. However, when I do incorporate exercise and healthier food choices; I am immediately in a different frame of mind and physically feel ready to take on and attack my to do list. I’m sure you have seen the same.

I do hope this little to do list can inspire and remind you to take it in your own hands to show some strength for yourself when you are feeling weak. You’ve got this!!


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