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submission guidelines

Submission Guidelines for HER Recipe Magazine 

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Her Recipe Magazine . Please review the following guidelines before submitting your content:


  1. Relevance: We focus on providing valuable content for women, covering topics such as parenting, self-care, wellness, work-life balance, and relationships. All submissions must be relevant to our target audience.

  2. Originality: We only accept original content. Please ensure that your submission has not been published elsewhere.

  3. Word Count: Articles should be between 800-2,000 words. Longer pieces may be considered for a featured spot.

  4. Tone and Style: We aim for a supportive and uplifting tone in our articles. Please keep this in mind when crafting your submission.

  5. Formatting: Submissions should be in a Word document, double-spaced, with a clear title. Please use subheadings and bullet points to enhance readability.

  6. Images: If you include images, ensure you have the rights to use them and provide image credits. Images should be high-resolution (at least 1000 pixels wide).

  7. Bio and Contact Information: Include a brief author bio (50 words max) at the end of your submission. Please also provide your contact information.

  8. Editing: Our editorial team may edit your submission for clarity, style, and grammar. We will inform you of any significant changes before publishing.

  9. Submission Fee: Her Recipe charges a submission fee of £17 for writers who contribute articles to our publication.

  10. Simultaneous Submissions: We do not accept submissions that are simultaneously submitted to other publications. Please wait for a response from us before submitting elsewhere.

  11. Submission Process: Please email your submission to with the subject line "Submission: [Your Article Title]". We aim to respond to all submissions within 7 days.

Thank you for considering Her Recipe as a platform for your work. We look forward to reading your submissions and potentially featuring them in our publication.

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