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Dancing with Postpartum Depression

I’m 11 months into motherhood and it’s been a real mixed bag of emotions for me. There have been some amazing highs and there have been some terrible lows. It has been during these low times that I have experienced some of my darkest thoughts and feelings but felt unable to openly discuss them through fear of being judged. I have often wondered if these thoughts are normal? Do other mums feel like this too? Am I suffering from postpartum depression?

I didn’t and to be honest, I still don’t feel comfortable discussing my darkest thoughts with my close friends who also have babies as I don’t want them to judge me. I don’t want them to think that I am not coping, to question my parenting abilities and ultimately, I don’t want them to think I am not fit to be a mother.

Thus, began my quest to find my answers elsewhere…Instagram, this is where I decided to look for my answers. I found many accounts showing motherhood through rose tinted glasses, perfectly kept homes, immaculate children and supermodel mothers. I slowly started to come across accounts for mothers that I personally found more relatable and I gradually started to see 'my version of motherhood' appearing. There were many posts in relation to sleep deprivation, lack of personal time, demanding babies, untidy houses and neglected mothers. I came across mothers feeling out of their depth, second guessing their ability and generally being physically and emotionally drained, although I can relate to all these things I was looking for something a little deeper and a little darker. I was looking for people discussing the thoughts that start to dance with you when you’re at breaking point.

There have been times where I have had six hours sleep in two days, I’ve not had an opportunity to shower or have a quick wash, my house is a bombsite, the dog needs walking and I have spent the last three hours with a demanding and hysterical baby who refuses to do anything else but cry despite being comforted and offered everything under the sun. It is during these times when my dark thoughts begin to surface.

It is during these times that I think about putting my baby in her bed and running out of the front door to the main road and throwing myself in front of a bus.

When my husband finally asks…” what can I do to help?” and my response is “shoot me, put me out of my misery”, he thinks I’m joking but for a split second I’m being completely serious. It’s that split second that scares the hell out of me, It’s the despair of doing anything necessary to get away from the lowest lows of parenthood.

Whilst I found lots of Instagram accounts and posts touching on postpartum depression I couldn’t find anyone openly discussing their thoughts, their struggles and their lowest of breaking point lows.

I started to wonder if I was alone with these scary and frightening thoughts and began to contemplate the possibility of succumbing to postpartum depression.

In one last ditch attempt to find others quietly hiding their feelings, afraid of coming forward, I created another Instagram account and decided to get the ball rolling myself.

I anonymously posted about my lows and shared my thoughts, feelings and fears with others and the response I received was just what I needed to put me at ease. It seems that I am not alone with these scary thoughts. They creep into the heads of other mothers too. They pray on us at our lowest points and push our boundaries and they scare us into thinking we’re not strong enough for motherhood. Its times like this where it’s so important to be honest and open with others regarding your journey through motherhood, we have a duty to let other mothers know that they are not alone, to support them, give them strength to get through the dark times and most importantly not to judge each other.

Parenthood isn’t all sunshine and rose gardens, there are shadows in the places the sun can’t reach and those rose gardens….well, they are bloody full of thorns.

So, in summary:

Are these thoughts normal? Yes

Do other mums have these thoughts too? Yes

Am I suffering from postpartum depression? We are currently dancing, but I’m taking the lead.


Want to connect?

You can reach Zoe via Instagram:


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