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When it comes to showing your mother how much you care, picking the perfect gift on Mother’s Day can be challenging. Flowers and chocolate are always nice, but let's face it - a bit basic.

You want to give something that really shows you’ve given thought to it. That’s why we’ve rounded up some unique ideas to make this Mother’s Day one that your mother will always remember.

For the health-conscious mom, give her a fitness tracker to help her stay up-to-date with her daily activities and calories burned. For an added bonus, sign her up for a subscription to a boutique or online fitness class.

If your mother spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Give her the gift of a sous-vide machine so she can whip up some delicious dishes with ease. She’ll be sure to appreciate this handy kitchen appliance.

For the mother who has a green thumb, get her a gardening supplies package. Include a new set of gardening tools, a pair of garden gloves, and an herb growing kit. She’ll have everything she needs to get her garden growing.

When it comes to gifts, personalized presents are always special. Get a custom-made necklace with her name and the names of her children engraved on it. Or, enlist the help of a graphic designer to create a colourful customized print of her family.

Kick-start her latest book club selection with an e-reader subscription. That way, she’ll get access to thousands of titles in just a few clicks. She’ll love having the latest page-turners delivered straight to her device.

For the mother who loves a cosy night in, treat her to a comforting spa day. Include relaxing beauty products, such as face masks, hair masks, and foot scrubs, as well as cosy slippers and a robe. She’ll be soothed by this indulgent experience.

These unique ideas for Mother’s Day are sure to make her feel extra special. With a thoughtful gift, you’ll make her day a memorable one.


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