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We asked our Community For Life Tips They Would Like To Pass On - Here's What They Said

Cindy - Get out of bed, take a shower and then take a walk outside every day.

Logan - Wake up early every day and workout. It helps to decrease the stress on your mind and gives your body strength and mobility.

Sia - Stop taking responsibility for other peoples emotions.

Kirsty - You can't pour from an empty cup.

Nu - Acceptance is not the same as agreement. Life is full of things we have to accept. But just because you accept something, that does not mean you have to agree with it.

Annie - Practice Gratitude. It'll keep you grounded no matter how rich or knowledgeable your and you'll earn others respect. And honestly it's really good for your well-being.

Kate - Someone else's opinion of you is none of your business.

Rebecca - No, is a complete sentence. Stop over explaining yourself.

Kim - If there's one thing I've learnt from therapy - it's that, everyone needs therapy.

Nicole - I am not on this planet to fulfil other peoples expectations.

Ruth - No response, is a response.

Brenda - Talk to yourself the way you would your best friends.

Laura - Your feelings are worthy.

Annie - Not everyone thinks the same way I do.

Emma - Learn assertiveness. Its not being submissive or being aggressive. This way you feel you stood up for yourself as you have the right to be heard.

Lucy - Other peoples choices and actions often have nothing to do with you.

Susan - Feelings are not facts. Do not let your feelings determine reality. Find the facts in a situation and then act accordingly.

Sophie - Red flags mean stop. Not keep investing for hoe much you can get hurt.

Grace - Progressive muscle relaxation and breathing techniques are key.

Melinda - If both the easy path and the hard path lead you to your destination then sometimes its okay to chose the easy path.

Clara - Their words about you define their personality more than yours.

Chloe - Learn to appreciate yourself

Alexandra - Negative thinking patterns learnt in childhood, significantly effect how you feel. If you change the way you think you'll change the way you feel.

Lydia - You can't stop nor should you want to control peoples relationships with others. Sometimes they don't work stop trying to fix them.


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