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It's a Rule, Not a Law - Break It. The Rules That Should & Must Be Broken.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”

-Pablo Picasso

Rules are theories created to define our acts for them only to be judged. They are not laws. Simply, they are societies set of boundaries that have influenced our ways of living, acting, thinking and even dressing for decades. Some of these universally well-known rules come from traditions and formalities implemented at some point, but that does not make them anything we must abide by in the now. It’s time to let go of age old traditions and set ourselves apart from living according to other perspectives.

Most people do not question rules, but most successful people do. Leaders do. For instance, take Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They’re are both known to have been boundary pushers and rule breakers. Since they broke the rules not only did they achieve success, but they revolutionized our way of life. If they had stuck to following the rules, then we may not have the technological advances like we do and thrive on today. The most influential innovators, speakers and leaders; they all had to break rules to initiate change, make an impression and bring on multitudes of new ways to our being, and our lives.

The world and all of us in it are always evolving and the rule breakers are the ones causing rules themselves to evolve. Be a rule breaker and start with these that I insist you break. Plus, if you never break the rules, you will miss out on all the fun.

1. Only Speak When Spoken To

If you are one gifted with great discernment, and intuition then breaking this rule at the most suitable times may come to you with ease. Yet some of us do not have those gifts as well as others, so for those who feel awkward to speak up or believe this rule is to be followed know this. Your voice defines you in the workplace and all around the table of life. It defines your character and willingness. Now, do be careful about being too outspoken as this is frowned upon highly. Know when the proper time arises for your voice to be heard whether you were spoken to or not. It sets you a stage radiating confidence and a foundation of who you are. Speaking up is always a rule to be broken when ambition and passion are driving. You do not want to blend in at the work place or in life if you have any desire to make a difference.

“Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say”

2. Do Not Wear White After Labor Day

I am astonished that I still hear this nonsense floating around in the air among our society today. In fact, I have never followed this rule as I saw it as lame, and without logic that mattered. This rule never had an influence for when I wore or wear white. If you want to wear white after Labor Day or in the winter or the fall, then do so as you please. Challenge: Try to wear white during all seasons and wear it well. Make this rule breaking moment a striking one to sight so it is worth overhearing some voice out there still thinking this, when to wear white rule exists or is founded firmly so it is to be followed. This rule? Break it year-round!

Also, when it comes to white, wear it to a wedding if you want. Black as well. Those old traditions guarding a too funeral of a look or the worry of stealing the brides thunder need complete abolishment by all of humanity. Call me a bit dramatic here but these rules are absurd. Plus, black and white are the last of the colors anyone should have made such heavy rules about. They are the most essential colors to all wardrobes and that perfect fit. Those rules are meant to not be followed and if followed I say there should be some hints of harmless shaming there.

3. Leopard Print Is Not a Neutral

I beg to differ as do many fashion bloggers and columnists. If you can try to see it as a neutral it will become one to you in no time, giving your fits a more classic edge. Although with leopard print somehow the wildness it holds remains subtle enough to not look haughty or gaudy. Make it a neutral or at least give it a thought. It really does always seem to flow well and always keep your look on point without looking like there is too much going on.

4. Do Not Feed The Ducks

It is a gorgeous day, one perfect for the park and feeding the ducks. You grab your kids and some harmless bread and jump into the car for a day of fun and nature. As you pull up to the park you see a sign that reads, *Do not feed the ducks. The words are going against the reason, the most anticipated event for this day of time with your children. Feeding the ducks anywhere is always a blast, and sometimes a complete riot. The madness in their quacks to the laughter amongst you and your children is priceless, and in knowing this it shows this written rule as a joy thief. So, what do you do? You feed those ducks and get them all riled up anyway. People miss signs all the time and joy. Miss the sign not the joy. Throw that bread, chase those ducks and have a damn enjoyable time running about with your littles. Quack it to the man!

(This portion is not condoning the breaking of any actual laws. The point to be made above is not to break a law so definitely do not go around doing that and catching yourself tickets and so on)

5. You Can Not Have It All

Yes, you can. Who says you can’t? Who said this was an actual formality to be followed by in our lives? There’s no one to firmly found it as something we are to believe and follow by accordingly so. With the right passion, drive and ambition all aligned right and worked out within reason, and if you keep your dreams attainable, and never give up then yes, you can achieve them all. One by one. Do not let this age old saying that was probably said by a person with no experience in life influence your mind. Set out to achieve your goals and make your dreams become your reality.

“She knew she could, so she did.”

6. Pink and Red Clash. Do Not Wear Them Together

Scuuuuurt! Let this troublemaker through and tell you to never follow this rule. Ever! Just as it is said about black and navy I also find this rule to be erroneous on all counts. Pink and red look fabulous together. It’s the fact that they do clash or more so are very contrasting that makes these two colors even better looking when worn together. A vibrant and innocent aura pops from these two colors as it is. This rule is meant to be broken and stay broken.

7. Question Nothing

No, the rule should be, Question everything especially rules. That then would be the rule that breaks all the rules society has set as standards for us to all live by. Among the others listed there are far more rules to be broken and some simply because they’re outdated or ridiculous. Always question a rule, a theory, or opinion. I say even question facts. Question everything within moderation and open your mind to a brighter world moving at a steadier pace full of life, love and joy. Embrace freedom to the fullest as freedom is limitless but breaking some rules will be required. Risk is always required for living the true good life. Pay attention, and absolutely question it all.

That’s a mixture of a few rules we have allowed to carry on for far too long and ones that should be known well enough that they can be broken in the right and most creative of ways. Breaking away from the standards society tells us will make you a happier and more confident person in who you are, and in the way you live and love your life.

To conform is to imprison yourself to another's perspective giving them a power they do not rightfully hold. Be you, break the rules, and take risks for yourself and your dreams. Anything is achievable and do not let society tell you otherwise any longer.


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