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Another person is killed in gender reveal party

Lat week a 26 year old man was killed at a baby shower in Michigan, when a small canon device that was being used to reveal the baby's gender exploded, spraying metal shrapnel. The young man was rushed to hospital, but sadly died due to his injuries

Abc news state that “three parked cars and the garage where the baby shower was being held were also struck by shrapnel.”

With gender reveal parties becoming more and more popular, this, unfortunately is not the first tragedy. The 2017 gender reveal in Arizona, where Dennis Dickey, a Border Patrol agent made what was initially thought of as an innocent decision to shoot a target, filled with pink or blue powder, alongside an explosive called Tannerite went horribly wrong. As Dickey shot at the target in a field of dry bush, this resulted in an explosion, causing a 47,000 acre Sawmhill wildfire, resulting in $8 million in damages.

Just a year later, tragedy struck again, when a Louisiana family went viral for revealing their baby's gender, strangely, assisted by an alligator. Also in 2019, a 56 year old woman from Iowa died when a homemade explosive device, which was meant to spray pink or blue powder exploded like a pipe bomb, spraying metal pieces, striking the woman in the head, sadly killing her instantly.


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