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Whether you love or loathe them, find them cringe worthy or sing them at the top of your voice each and every morning - affirmations - which are statements supposed to be said with both belief and conviction, have actually helped thousands of people to achieve positive results within their lives.

You see, the mind can not tell the difference between reality or fantasy, and by using them we begin to believe and act in-line with the statements we are saying.

Here are 31 affirmations to repeat daily, to change your mindset and help you to become a cooler, calmer, happier and motivated mother. Say them out loud mama, you've got this.

1. I will make myself happy - as my children will gain from this.

2. My children love, honour and respect me.

3. I am doing the best I can as a mother, and that is enough.

4. I am a positive inspiration for my children.

5. I am committed to making myself happy.

6. I will not worry.

7. Good things are happening, always.

8. I will listen to and respect my motherly intuition.

9. I am the rock that holds my family together.

10. I am so grateful that my children chose me.

11. I am exactly who and what my children need.

12. I am doing an amazing job.

13. Motherhood is challenging for every woman.

14. I am doing my best - and always will.

15. There is value in everything I do.

16. I am an intentional parent.

17. My happiness is a choice.

18. Only I can give my children a happy mother.

19. I am becoming a more confident mother with each day that passes.

20. I will be the best influence for my children.

21. I will be kind to myself.

22. I will create endless memories with my children.

23. My children do not care about my flaws.

24. Today I will embrace the purity of childhood - and play with my children.

25. No mother is perfect - and no mother ever will be.

26. I will continue to be strong.

27. I am calm and logical under pressure.

28. My feelings are real and will always deserve acknowledgement.

29. I am allowed to ask for help and support - this is okay.

30. I work hard to care for my family.

31. I've got this.

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