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5 Tips to help combat Postnatal Depression

The period after you have your baby can be filled with countless emotions. You may feel anything from joy to fear to sadness. If your feelings of sadness become severe and start to interfere with your everyday life, you may be experiencing postnatal depression (PND).

Here are five tips to combat and see you through:

1. Exercise whenever you can - Researchers in Australia have stated that exercise may have an antidepressant type effect for women with Post Natal Depression. Something as simple as walking with your baby in a stroller might be an easy way to get in some steps and breathe in some fresh air.

2. Maintain a healthy diet - Take note of what you’re putting into your body and ensure that you consume a more healthier diet. Nutritious foods can help you feel better and give your body the nutrients you need.

3. Focus on fish oils - According to an article published by the Journal of Affective Disorders, women who have low levels of DHA have higher rates of postpartum depression. Seafood is an excellent dietary source of DHA. If you’re a vegetarian, flaxseed oil is another great source.

4. Examine your breastfeeding - A 2012 study suggests that breastfeeding may reduce your risk of developing PPD. However there are some cases where women develop depression symptoms while breast-feeding. This condition is called Dysmorphic Milk Ejection Reflex or D-MER. With D-MER, you might experience sudden feelings of sadness, agitation, or anger that last several minutes after your milk lets down.

5. Resist isolation - Motherhood can often feel like ground hog day so it is important to get out, talk and change things up now and again. Researchers discovered that new mothers had lower levels of depression after regularly speaking with other mothers or friends and family.


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