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Motherhood - Three Times Over

Motherhood, where do we start? It is a funny and emotional experience. There’s a package of positive and negative emotions. It brings tremendous joy, pride, sadness, laughter, frustration and stress. On the other hand it is the most rewarding job ever, but hand in hand it can be the hardest. Motherhood is the most beautiful feeling, emotion and role in ones life.

In the day to day routine cooking, cleaning, yelling, going to work, sorting out sibling arguments, getting kids ready for school and caring for them when they are ill the enjoyable side to motherhood can get side tracked. It can become so overwhelming that you miss out on your daughter giving you a big hug before going to school or your son playing tricks on you because boys will be boys. So we need to take a step back and take a deep breath and think about how it all started, that beautiful moment that we felt pride and joy because we gave birth to a beautiful being.

To go back and remember the day I became a mother for the first, second and third time.

Every time I learnt something new and still am learning. Every pregnancy, labour and child gave me a different experience and to date I am still experiencing the uniqueness of it all. Each child is teaching me new life lessons at every corner.

First time Mummy

The first time I became a mother in 2009, was like nothing I had imagined. Induced early because I was a high risk pregnancy, 24 hours in labour, third degree tear and weighing 8lb, my little prince entered our world and made it complete. I had no idea the amount of joy and happiness a tiny human could bring. He stole our hearts. I had no idea he would teach me to be a better me. He made me see the world differently and made me discover I had unlimited love to give him.

Everyday watching him grow - to see his ability to grasp any concept and his nature to understand how and why things work. He has made us realise that there is so much more to love than your everyday routine. Even though my patience is not always there, he has taught me that I could be a lot more patient than I had ever imagined.


Going through a tough time in my life; she bought me that hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Second time Mummy

Than came 2011 and after months of worry and thoughts of ‘being happy with just one child’ and ‘what if I don’t have enough love for both’ we could say ‘than there were two’.

Both had completely different personalities. After being induced - again, being in labour (this time less than 24 hours) and being left late which resulted in 100% natural delivery (yes, not even gas and air!) out came our princess weighing 7lb. The love for the both of them could not be more different, more perfect and more unique than they are. Later I realised how much of a mini me she was (and still is). She was my partner in everything, my shopping buddy, my right hand from such a young age. She taught me to love endlessly and how she is my best friend for life. Her heart is so big, she is so giving and we cannot forget her contagious laugh.

Third time mummy

After a good five year break, because I was completely done and dusted and also because my daughter was going into full time education, I got broody and after the thought of loosing my right hand; 9 months later and after an extremely worrying and painful pregnancy came our baby princess, but she never made it easy. She was nearly 2weeks overdue, as the little madam was very comfortable inside. From the beginning of the pregnancy until the day I had enough and broke down and asked to be induced, this princess was in charge. So the day I was booked to be induced (yes - again), my labour started early that morning. Another quick delivery from 7cm to 10cm dilation and with only gas and air, our princess weighed the same as her sister 7lb.

Going through a tough time in my life; she bought me that hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. She is the baby of the family but holds the biggest place in all our hearts. Her siblings just adore her.

I must say though - I was a little overconfident and thought as I already have 2 children, third time would be so much easier, but I could not have been more wrong. Little princess amazes us all everyday with her interest and curiosity in her surroundings. She has made us realise how to accept new possibilities, accept change and cherish all bonds. My children are my life and being a mum is a job I know how to do best. I do not do it perfectly and flawlessly but it is all that I know.


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