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5 Steps To a Better You

We are well into the new year and resolutions are (or at least should be) in full swing. As we take on new challenges and begin to make the best of 2019, let’s go over a few tips on how to stay on track without feeling overwhelmed. We all lead busy lives as women, mothers and professionals right?! But, that does not mean we can’t carve out time to contribute to our wellbeing. I hope the following five reminders will help you along the way.


Whether it’s planning your day the night before or doing it on a weekly basis, organisation is key. Some find writing out to-do lists and checking them off as you go can be visually helpful. Others prefer making lists on their devices. Whichever method helps you to keep you on top of your game, use that!


This could be a range of things like stretching, breathing exercises, working out, relaxing in a bath or having a diffuser running with your favorite essential oils. The point of this is to make sure you are doing something for yourself to keep you invigorated, happy and balanced through out your day.


Writing is helpful, especially when we feel overwhelmed or scatter brained. The process of writing allows us to clear our minds, express ourselves and sort out all the noise that may be going on in our heads. This can also include goal setting or gratitude lists which detail the things we are grateful for. It's always nice to reference these notes to keep a positive outlook on life.


This is my personal favourite. Going out to dinner with great company, pouring yourself a glass of wine or getting a massage are just a few ideas. Making time to purposefully catch up with someone or seeking some time of solitude is so crucial. Our day to day lives can be so chaotic all the time, which is why it's important to have fun and unwind.


Take a class, read a book, explore a new language or join a book club. Your options are literally endless. Taking in knowledge to learn something and putting it into practice is so important because it helps us to grow and become better versions of ourselves.

Lets make 2019 another great year but let's not forget ourselves!


Marie Torio is a professional photographer and writer who specialises in lifestyle, food, restaurant, fashion and editorial work. To connect with Marie visit Instragram @photosbymarietorio or


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