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Bloody Moves To Mommy Moves. Cardi B - Breaks Into Motherhood.

Can I get a Bodak Yellow shout, “CARDIIIIII!!!” And now, add an “KULTURE KIARRRIII!!!!”- as we welcome that bad bi@#! killing it in the rap game to Motherhood, and her baby girl into this world.

Cardi B announced on July 11th she gave birth to her princess, Kulture Kiari Cephus, with her husband, Offset on July 10th 2018. Her announcement was anything but basic and we would expect nothing less from her. Nothing about Cardi is ordinary and that’s one reason we adore this Bronx queen so much.

She celebrated Kultures arrival with us, with the world on Instagram by posting striking photos of herself fully pregnant and nude. They’re tasteful and risque’. The perfect combination. They well suit her voice, and who she is. They also foreshadow the vibrance for life she’s going to instill in her child’s. She’s still posing like a boss, looks phenomenal and ready, but what makes the photos pop off is her glowing body heavily surrounded by brightly colored flowers. The photos are nothing short of stunning. Do take notice that if you look closely at her big doe eyes, you can see a soft innocence and a gentle love that always comes; overtakes a true mothers heart while she grows her little one inside of her. They’re beautiful symbolizing Cardi B as herself, and a unity with her cub already as a mother to be.

Currently the fans, and the media are all most roused up about the photos, and the chosen name for Cardi and, husband, Offset’s new addition. The name is super unique just as the announcement was but what is most fascinating, and rousing is how this confident 25-year-old from the bottoms of the Bronx, rose up out of the pits, claimed her dreams and has bossed the music industry around since her first step in. As quickly as she became all the hype, she became pregnant with Kulture. It did not take any hip out of Cardi B’s hop nor did it kill her stride in any way. She kept working and going even harder! Pregnancy is no joke, and for some it is rougher than others, and to accomplish what she has and more while carrying Kulture is amazing and to be applauded.

While her lyrics hint parts of her story in bold fashion, her vocal cords blast a confidence that shakes the beat. She’s raw without shame and along with that and her fierceness, strength and driven mind-set prove she is going to be a damn good momma and may we root her on as her new adventure begins and she starts making her mommy moves.


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