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Michael Tavon - A Rogue Author, a Poet, a Lover, and a Man

Michael Tayvon

Michael Tavon is a poet, and his words you will find yourself quoting. He grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida and still resides there as an uprising writer and author that has already caught the attention of numerous womens eyes world round. His writing is subtle with powerful emotion. How can that exist? Michael makes it exist. His pieces show strength in being alone, and the flip side as well—desperation from past regrets; past pains. Mostly what you notice is Michael has a beautiful heart for himself and for women with a touch of jaded surrounding him, but that doesn’t stop him from exposing his experiences and his perspective without fear. His poetry leaps off the page and it chokes you but, lets you loose quickly without you needing to gasp for air. His heart is on his sleeve and his muse(s) have power, but mostly Michael has a talent.

His first book, published when he was just twenty-three years old in 2013 titled, “The Garage Band” The Legend of Dookie Harris.” Per Michael his readers do not know this book even exists, but they do now. To follow we have, “God is a Woman, Nirvana and A Day without Sun.” All wonderful reads and extremely wonderful vibes. It is refreshing to read his writing but his answers to my very specific questions below are nothing short of stunning. Michael is a rare gem in general. Ladies he’s not settling down yet, but when he does that woman is blessed beyond measure. Be sure to check him out on Instagram and Twitter, @bymichaeltavon. Get your hands on his books before you can’t. This upcoming author and poet is going places and it was a pleasure to speak with him and now share him and his talent with you.

What/ Who is your muse for your pieces in, “A Day Without Sun”? The tone in this book is striking yet subtle in the way you lay it out. Your muse(s) seem powerful. Are they?

M.T. - Honestly, one of my muses is the woman I loved for years, but the feeling was unrequited. She loved me, but not in the way I wanted her to. I was also inspired by my personal growth, and my deep dark thoughts. As a keen observer I too find it all in nature and learning new perspectives.

What is it about loving a woman that grasps your soul? In fact. I’d like to know your perspective on love in general.

M.T. - To love a woman is so powerful and infectious. It brings the best out of me, always. There are so many levels of love. In fact, this year has been an interesting one for me, with women. I’ve learned how to love different, for reasons, and how each woman has a specific purpose in my life. I’ve developed beautiful relationships (that turned romantic) with women that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Are you jaded, Michael? Jaded about women, love or anything else? If so, would you elaborate?

M.T. – I’d say my every day life has me jaded in a sense. It has become too routine, and that is driving me insane. I wish I could re-route myself, just up and leave, but I can’t so that is that. (Insert sad face here)

Many of your pieces suggest you playing the field, not settling down again. I noticed this especially in, “A Day without the Sun.” Correct me if I am wrong but if I am not I want to know what brought you to this mindset. Usually it’s a past hurt that sends men and women to this point. Is it fear that mostly drives this decision in my opinion, but I want to hear yours and in raw form, or do you not feel this way anymore? If not, why?

M.T. - “Let me put this out there. I’m not opposed to settling down in the future, but due to my current situation settling down isn’t of the best timing. It’s not an ideal situation right now. I enjoy the company of different women. I love the energies they bring to my soul. It’s like being a butterfly. (He laughs) It is the best option for me as I continue to get my life in proper order. I am of high conviction it would not be a good move to make right now.”


“My goal is to help as many people as possible. God drives me to write. Through God my soul bleeds on paper. The goal is ultimately to be happy and help others as they are healing.”


What is it that lit a fire in you to write, God is a Woman?

M.T. - “Many factors played a role while I was writing that book. Now, know I almost threw this book out. I thought it was terrible and I was not in a place where I felt I could handle more disappointment with my writing. I also assumed people were going to overlook it. I was working at a call center with three published books. The books were not selling. My love life was a mess and I was finding myself inside any woman who would have me. “God is a Woman came from all of this and its how I fought back to my thoughts of giving up. With this one I was going to prove I was a good writer.”

What is your goal for writing? Is it a mere release for you, is it vengeance, pain or to touch the hearts of the masses? In other words, what is driving you to publish your inner most feelings and thoughts?

M.T. - “My goal is to help as many people as possible. God drives me to write. Through God my soul bleeds on paper. The goal is ultimately to be happy and help others as they are healing.”

It takes a lot of courage to put your heart out there and your voice. When your first book was published how did you feel? What was going on in your mind?

M.T. - “I published my first book, which was a comedy, in 2013 as an unknown twenty-two-year-old. I was nervous, but so thrilled when my hands touched the first copy. I literally froze in disbelief just thinking, “My name is on a book.” It was all I could think at that time. Exhilarating.

What is next on the radar for Michael Tavon?

M.T. - “Hmmmm, without giving out any details I will say that I do have a few more books coming out, but there is not any time frame on them yet. The manuscripts are done, and ready to go though. I plan on starting screenwriting and acting as well after these are published.”

And, there we have Michael Tavon. A deep soul with a heart on fire for the world to understand it. His books are just as phenomenal as his answers to my questions above. It is wild hearts like these that keep others broken ones alive.

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