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Get Happy - 21 Things To Let Go Of Immediately

1. Thinking you're not ready Nobody is ever 100 percent ready for the opportunities that come his or her way. The best opportunities are the ones we grab hold of and adapt as we go along.

2. Procrastinating If you want to accomplish something, stop waiting and start doing. The constant recycling thought process of putting things off is a total waste of time. When you have an idea or something to do, don't think, and just do, immediately. (obiously whithin reason of course.)

3. Playing it safe Everything worth having comes by taking a risk.

4. Trying to do everything alone The sooner you understand that things are easier and more fun together, the faster you will realise that you don't have to do everything alone. Plus working with others brings a new perspective, fresh ideas and gives you more time to focus on bigger and more important things.

5. Comparing yourself to others

Social comparison is the thief of happiness. You could spend a lifetime worrying about what others have, but it simply will not get you anywhere. Focus on what you do have and on working hard to get more of what you want.

6. The perception of being a perfect mother

Perfection doesn't exist. In motherhood, relationships, life and everything else for that matter. We all have our flaws, things that we need to work on and improve and that's okay.

7. Your fear of your body

Pre baby, post baby or no baby. Society has set standards for women that we really need to shake up. Embrace that scar that you've been hiding, the belly that you refuse to show, or the booty that you may have fallen out lof love with. Every bit of you is yours, and that's what makes you unique.

8. Worry

Let go of doubt and worry. When we live in state of belief then things will begin to fall into place and happen in the way that they should. If you spend all your time worrying, then what time is there to spend on the good and making positive things happen.

9. Bad Habits

Those habits that dont serve you ae wasting your time 'ma. Poor eating, watchng Netflix all night long, overspending. Let it go.

10. External approval

Know that you have everything you need to be who and what you are right now without having to receive a yes or green light from anyone.

11. Energy vamps

Be careful about misusing your time with people or situations that don’t serve your highest purpose. It may not always be possible, but value the allocation of your time wisely. This present moment is precious. Use it and spend it mindfully.

12. A Grudge

Do you have someone that may have done you wrong past or present and can't seem to forgive them. Well it's important to try, at least not for their sake, but for your own. Psychologists have proved that harbouring ill feelings towards another person may actually be more detrimental to ourselves then to the individual that caused you pain. Just think about the time spent dwelling on the negativity and the fact that it will be effecting you more than them. Nip it, forgive, and move on with your life.

13. The need to be certain

Life doesn't come with a manual and nobody really knows exactly what they are doing. Stop buggin' and thinking that to move forward you must be certain. There's no sure fire way to find out what happens if you start that new business, go back to university or move to a new country. You've just got to go for it and see what happens. There most certainly will be bliss on the other side.

14. Your mistakes

We all have things we've done in the past that when looking back we hang our heads or cover our eyes in shame. That ex that should've never made it to boyfriend, the opportunities we should've taken, studying harder, you name it. Sometimes it is good to look back and learn from the past, it's actually really necessary as we learn and gain a better insight into life and ourselves. The trouble is when we start to dwell on said mistakes. This is a big no no. Let go and use those mistakes to better yourself for tomorrow.

15. Toxic People

We've probably experienced the energy drain of having a toxic individual in our lives. A person who constantly crticises, trivialises your accomplishments, and is an all round host of negative energy. Alot of people like to hold onto relationships due to the time invested, but if someone is causing you to constantly question yourself and leaves you feeling sad and emotionally drained, it's time to ditch the person and their toxicity.

16. The Job you hate

Waking up in the morning only to feel depressed about the job you have to go to. Your commute, your boss and everything else that makes work suck. We all deserve to be energised, motivated and fulfilled with the job we are doing, so if you're not, let it go.

17. Late nights

Late nights will do nothing for you but bless you with under eye baggage, leave you feeling groggy and make you irritable during the day. Its difficult, because most of us long for those hours after the mini's have gone to bed, but staying up and exceeding your hours of alone time will exhaust the heck out of you.

18. Flaky Friends

Let go of people who don’t put effort into your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a fight, or a dramatic, official goodbye. But let go of the energy that you spend on them that never gets returned. Come to peace with it, and with them. Be okay with the fact that you can still love them while also letting them go, in order to make room for the friends who always meet you halfway.

19. Complaining and Negativity

What good does it do when we constantly complain and focus on negativity? Not a damn thing. Plus people will distance themselves from a serial whinger because they simply are no fun to be around and can spoil the energy in a room in an instance. When you catch yourself begining to beome negative about something, shut it down and divert it by talking or thinking about something positive.

20. Stagnance

Want to start a new job, new business, new career. Well very little is going to happen if you're sitting and just thinking about it all. Plus the more time we spend thinking about doing something, the more reasons we find to talk ourselves out of it. Get moving and get it done.

21. Limititng Beliefs

You know, a lot of the things we tell ourselves are simply not true and we can be far too crtical, which can too often lead to not reaching our full potential. When you really start believing that you can kick ass, then you will do just that - kick ass.

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