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How To Increase Your Wellbeing - Beauty Hacks - Series III

We can all lose focus with maintaining our wellbeing, with tight schedules, limited time and motherhood it comes as no suprise. Here are a few simple and healthy daily hacks that are nothing short of essential and beneficial for different areas of your well-being.

Beauty Sleep and The Beast, Anxiety

We usually pop a pill to appease this issue. This time pop a pen top. Write to ease the anxious thoughts. Make a list of what is on your mind right before you lay your head down. Name the things troubling you, worrying you, exciting you, or stressing you, etc. There is something about physically writing the things you’re thinking about down that instantly soothes. Plus, seeing them written down will calm the brain and all its tinkering down. It helps to release our thoughts on paper as if we were having a meeting with ourselves. Brilliant habit for a better night’s sleep.

Wrinkles and the Way you Sleep

Wrinkles. Those dreadful things that never fail to show up one day and in places that blow our minds. One of those places they can and will show is on certain areas of your face that they set in deeply as well and it all is depending on your sleep position. The way one will position themselves as they sleep correlates with a person’s wrinkles. It has been said that sleeping in the same position creates sleeping lines. To prevent or try to stop being on the receiving end of these lines it is best to sleep on your back. That is the hardest position to stay put in, but it can be done. Do whatever it takes to try to sleep on your back and show those sleeping lines who’s boss.


Blue Zone Yourself - Longevity

Blue Zones are the worlds areas where you tend to find the greatest longevity and health. Some places that are Blue zones would be Italy, Japan, Costa Rica, and California. Just a few among the many. What all blue zones have in common we must too become relatable with. For better health and longevity do the following: Engage in daily movement, live intentionally with a purpose, and enjoy a strong social community. Studies have shown that not socializing equals to smoking up to 15 or 17 cigarettes a day. It’s that unhealthy. So, put your lipstick on and find time to socialize. Health isn’t all about genetics come to find out. In fact, it’s all diet and lifestyle-based. So, put in effort to get blue zoned and make those commonalities your new daily life habits.

Self-Esteem Booster - “Follow Your bliss”

Joseph Campbell, a brilliant mythologist and teacher who dedicated much of his time to studying ancient civilizations and their belief systems such as the Mayans and Egyptians as well as many writers of great literature like Shakespeare and James Joyce. He found commonalities within the ancient civilizations ways and the writers which he called, A Heroes Journey. We are all on one of those in one way, shape or form in this life and amongst all of his studies he saw that following your bliss led to a much higher self-esteem than anything compared to helping increase it. His famous words? “Follow your Bliss” Follow your passions. Be around like-minded people and enjoy what you love thoroughly. The more you do what makes you happy the more your self esteem grows and the more that grows the more you start to live and gravitate more towards doing what makes you happy. Self-esteem booster that costs you nothing but smiles and trials.


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