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Zero To Madea Real Quick - How Weak Parenting Of Today Ends Up With Entitled Assholes Tomorrow

Madea is the creation of the amazing Tyler Perry, ruling many of his movies that are currently out today. Each one revolves around comedy with a lot of focus on family, friendship, love, faith, parenting, along with anything that should have an intrinsic place and value within humanity and our society. Madea is a character who is impulsive, straightforward and a notorious elder woman whom to put it bluntly, does not give a f*ck; but has a brilliant moxie like no other.

Madea. How she relates to others, and the struggle always brings on an uplifting perspective. Regarding parenting as well as many other things all of us mothers face at one point or another, Madea is showcased as a force not to be reckoned with. She is wise and loving but she demands respect - and lot's of it. No manners? Madea will not tolerate it, just as she won’t a talking back teenager, saying they will whoop an old lady. That teen gets hit with a purse so hard they go from talking tough to straightening up and sniffling some. Her old school ways bring forth drastic positive changes over the course of time and I see this as a huge representation isWisdom and values webbed together with attitude for good parenting.

To note: Madea’s success is from historical facts (stories from when discipline and requirements of children were different, perhaps better) not Hollywood constructed bull. She creates a healthy fear of her, a reverence if you will. Children grow to adore her but more importantly, they respect her. They start to listen, have manners and they learn life has value, especially their own. This you can see between the scenes in all Madea movies have a crucial role in how the endings turn out. With many endings that are empowering, saving, and relating to women. They also include teachings and words of pure wisdom guiding children to be tough, and capable, not entitled assholes. We, mothers, need to start emulating this structure again (unless you have already as for which if so, I applaud you, mama.) If not, I suggest watching a few Madea flicks and testing this all out unless an entitled asshole is what your goal is for your child to be.

I’m sure many will not agree with me here, but the old way worked, was best suited for raising capable, respectful and successful adults. So that leaves us open to the question: why did we start backing up becoming skittish with our children and not upholding these once were methods? What happened to the big mommas?

Well, we have a big problem today. What was/is natural and holds actual value in this life has been put to slaughter by senseless scrutiny, occurrences and ideologies of Biblical proportions. That is a tragic issue on our hands and whom it is harming the most is our children, and the upcoming generations have already suffered greatly from this fall we’ve taken as parents, as guides. Our youth is suffering out there and they are lost to a frightful extent. I believe that it all stems from this overwhelming epidemic of lack of parenting, guidance, discipline, education, but mostly love and attention. We have more roaming sheep than we do found and determined young adults with guts and a courteous sense for others as well as integrity than we ever should have allowed. As much as fear is not an option for the good life, it is tearing our world apart. The integral part of the upcoming generations is at stake unlike ever before. The worst part, the value of things that are priceless are going extinct in our daily lives, our culture. The very value of a life, life, in general, is becoming less and less significant every day. If we are badass mothers then we need to start acting like it, and possibly honing in on the attitude, beliefs and disciplines of Madea.

Tyler Perry Madea's Big Happy Family

As mothers, it is our duty that we were entrusted with to raise our children with a good sense of strength, confidence, heart, character, morals, and ethics. We are to teach empathy not hatred. We are to stomp on strong wills, not strong spirits. We are to show them that having respect is not an option, nor is fear or hatred. Kindness and integrity should be of high priority for our children. If we are not taking whatever measures necessary to do this then we are failing our children and I know that’s the last thing any mother wants to do. As resilient as kids are, resilience must be promoted to carry on well, and love with time goes further than we could ever know. Discipline, asking questions and demanding manners should not be an option in parenting. I suggest making it not an option in your household. Especially, when our children’s entire future and lives are at stake as they are today. They stand no respectable or deserving chance unless we step it up now and be the powerful and loving mother's that we all can be or become.

We need to show our children more than tell them that hard work and good character is what pays off. So, if we must resort to the Madea style of parenting then I say, so be it. It’s not brutal but it is going against what is sadly becoming the norm, but that doesn’t scare me or my saying that it needs to be put back into effect. And, put into it like yesterday. In every way from saying yes ma’am, no ma’am, please and thank you to owning what you do. These types of “laws” for a child should not be optional. Those words of respect go a long way and every child should be taught this from birth. Manners still matter. Self-worth and challenging work should still matter. People, places, respect for all things, ideas and more, matter. Madea speaks and shows us this in an intense way, but it is as effective as countless generations that went before us would testify to, guaranteed. This old school mentality for Motherhood is crucial for our children and us too.

The way parents are not parenting these days is striking and should frighten the hell out of any mother with a boy trying to raise a gentleman, and a little girl trying to raise a warrior with self-respect. That’s why it is zero to Madea time! It is time to stand up for raising more respectable and aware children. Parenting is damn hard, and I guarantee no one told you it would be easy but today the way we doubt and do not follow our God-given instincts is killing our power that we do have as mothers. Then society rears it's upwards nose in the door and shames us for simply disciplining our children. Its causes tremendous issues for mothers today making us feel that we are wrong or being abusive, but guess what? That’s all false. There is a difference in good authority over a child and abusing one. A healthy fear of a mother versus an unhealthy fear of a mother is quite opposite. There’s a significant difference between them. Spanking is not abuse but do be sure if you spank your child to always tell them that you did not want to and why they received the spanking. They must be able to understand it’s not because you want to hurt or upset them or that you don’t love them, but it was a consequence of their behaviour that warranted it. It is vital to take the spanking tactic seriously with children in all ways possible but if there’s any fear about spanking, you need to let that go. I resent the fact any of us fear spanking our kids nowadays as it is. That is absurd on its own, but it is a reality today, unfortunately.

There are too many people coddling and forgetting that what once worked back in the day, shouldn’t have been 'fixed'. I see our next uprising generation and its heartbreaking to even hear them speak sometimes or see the look in their eyes. Lost lambs roaming around falling into whatever ideology or religion they see as hip or enlightening failing to show any respect for elders, our countries, or themselves. That’s where Madea, Tyler Perry’s impacting character comes into play and should do in every mother's journey through Motherhood.

I understand this going zero to Madea probably sounds useless, and outlandish as motherhood advice, as a method, but it’s surely worth a try. There is an overload of parenting books out there and professionals with their multiple alternatives to discipline strategies like Madea’s. Most suggestions I have tested from these “experts” have hardly worked in any way, shape or form. As for the books, I’ve found most of them to be more condemning and problematic than they are helpful. They have nearly abolished the old ways, pushing it out for coddling and never saying 'no' along with many other unproductive raising techniques. Plus, these professionals now want to diagnose our children and have us medicate them so fast for everything under the sun and if we refuse its frowned upon. That’s not okay, or sensible in any fashion. It’s an agreed and instant gratification thing, not a parenting tool.

A mother who projects strength, authority, care, and positivity and insists it upon her children and in her own life can do more than any damn pill ever could. Therefore, let's ease up on one another and start taking our power back in every way we women may need to and we mother's need to, because if we do not we will fail to raise our kids with the essential lessons of life only we mothers can teach them. I know all of us mothers care greatly about who our child turns out to be. Therefore, take charge, and do what you must do to best get them there. As big as what we speak into our children is, so is what we firmly instil in them with discipline and authority. I want my son today to become a boss of a gentleman tomorrow, and I am not ashamed to do what it takes as long as my child is safe, secure, and knows I love him passed the moon and back, He matters. So, my parenting matters as does yours mama, so take charge and Madea up!


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