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Updated: Nov 30, 2021


by Emma Mosley

Running my own business has always been at the fore front of my mind. Probably since the age of 21 when I realised a 9-5 was not right for me. Now for many budding entrepreneurs, myself included, the entrepreneurial life is not one for the faint hearted, timid or non risk taker.

It will run you through a whole host of emotions - good and bad. From excitement to sadness, extreme exhaustion to wtf am I doing? And with all those feelings of overwhelme - let’s add a screaming 2 yr old in for good measure.

The rise of the mumpreneur is extremely prominent in todays society . Seldom satisfied with an overzealous enthusiastic and routine styled life - she seeks uncertainty, chaos and sheer excitement. Presenting me. A 31 year old, driven mother, determined to succeed or die trying - well maybe not die trying (thats a little dark.)

On the best of days my routine looks like this.

6:30am wake up and get dressed

7:00am get my precious son dressed and fed (if sometimes only a banana because he’s two of course and quite often likes to refuse breakfast.*sigh

9:00am out the house and hot foot it to nursery

9:30am find a quiet (ish) coffee shop to work in for 2 hours.

11:00am fit in as many emails as I can before I dash back to nursery for 12pm pick up.

12:00pm pick up my son

12:30pm feed son (a nutritious (ish) lunch (yes, sometimes mc Donald’s)

Blah, blah, blah

By 4/5pm I’m down to my last bits of energy, dinner gets cooked, scoffed and the dishes are left till tomorrow morning.

Although my spirit has always been entrepreneurial - I didn't willingly choose this life, it somehow chose me. As a single mother - the government has carefully designed the most sensible structure where working mothers are 80% of the time better off not working unless you have some high powered job in the city where you earn £50,000 per year and the cost of childcare is 'somewhat' affordable. Well that I am not. I am a creative soul and am creatively proud of it. I have passion, a highly active right side of my brain.

My entrepreneurial working life is not easy, however I would not choose to have it any other way. Not even the £50k a year job in the city.

I go on daily with the belief that my decisions will be honoured and my hard work will come into fruition.

So to all the mothers who are working hard on businesses our time is coming. Let’s keep our heads up, and keep moving forward. We’ve totally got this.


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