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Essential oils have become more popular as wellness is on the rise, post-pandemic. Typically used within massages, added to baths or inhaled, they are the perfect go-to for relaxation and are a great addition to your nightly routine. to promote rest and calm after a tiring day.

Essential oils are fantastic for stress relief and can aid certain ailments and illnesses such as colds and coughs.

We break down our top oils and their benefits.

Lavender Oil

Calming, Stress Relief, Relaxation


Lavender oil is calming, and great for stress relief and relaxation.

According to an essential oils specialist, lavender essential oil promotes circulation, has a calming effect and is also excellent for aching muscles.

Use this essential oil for a profoundly peaceful experience that will help you wind down from a demanding day and get ready for bed.


Calming, Relieves anxiety/irritability,


Another plant renowned for its relaxing effects is chamomile. According to some, it encourages inner serenity, reduces impatience, overthinking, and concern, and supports sound sleep. Despite the fact that chamomile essential oil is typically harmless, some users may experience an adverse reaction. To make it easier for you to fall asleep, try adding a few drops to a warm bath before bed.


Ylang Ylang

Calming, Relieves anxiety/irritability,


Ylang Ylang, which derives from a tropical tree's blooms, has a mild, sweet scent that can be used to ease headaches, improve your spirits, and lessen the signs of worry. If you feel like life is starting to get on top of you, put a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil on a handkerchief and carry it around with you to sniff.


Calming, Relieves anxiety/irritability,


Many people find vanilla's sweet smell delightful, and it has a long history of use for relaxation and stress reduction. The body may experience sedative effects from vanilla. It can calm the nervous system, lessen hyperactivity and agitation, as well as lower blood pressure. With a combination of relaxation and a mood boost, it also seems to aid in the relief of anxiety. If the aroma of baked cookies calms and relaxes you, try vanilla for a similar effect—without the calories!


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