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How To Remember You - When You're Doing Everything Else

While juggling our kids’ homework & activities, our careers, and the never-ending piles of laundry, us moms tend to forget about one of the most important people in our lives: ourselves. Our weeks are packed with meals, carpools, story time, & more and, yet, we’re so busy that we don’t even realize that we need some time to sit back, relax, have a drink (or 2…or 3), or take a nap! At what point do we stop and remember ourselves?

You’re an amazing mom with a heart of gold, insurmountable strength, and more drive than almost anyone on this planet, but you have to remember that in order to take care of your children & loved ones, it’s imperative that you take care of yourself. Your future self, your kids, and everyone around you will inadvertently thank you for this.

Here are a few ways to help you prioritize yourself:

1. Set an alarm. Or two. Or three. Alarms can be a saving grace. Whether they’re in the form of reminders on your computer screen or 4-5 times set in your phone to go off at the highest volume, they’ll both get the job done. Make sure you add some funky lettering in there, too! Don’t make it all caps or all lowercase; that makes it easier for your eyes to glide right through it and not get the heart or meaning of the message. TyPe LiKe THiS, use jokes, emojis, and more to force yourself to thoroughly read and understand the message. It should click, in your mind, and you’ll be on your way to your ‘Me Time’.

2. Plan ahead! I’m sure you’ve noticed but having a schedule is a lifesaver. Keep track of your calendar on a regular basis and write your times on there. Block out specific and sporadic timeframes for you to enjoy yourself, however that may be. Having something to look forward to automatically sets a subconscious reminder in your mind and you’ll be less likely to miss it.

3. Ask for help. I thought up this thing called ‘The Wonder Woman Complex’. It’s for the moms that do everything on their own with no help, even though they have (FREE!) help available to them. There’s just something about getting things done a specific way that makes people want to do things on their own. Mom, what you have to realize is that trying to do it all alone can be detrimental now or in the future. If you can, ask for help. Let someone you’re comfortable with watch the kids for a little bit while you take a nap, get your nails done, go the movies, or whatever it is you do to just DO YOU! It’s necessary.

Remember that wanting time for yourself doesn’t make you selfish. You can’t take care of anyone if you don’t take care of you. No one likes when mom blows up or starts nagging just because she needs to decompress. You’re doing yourself, and those around you, a huge favor by taking time to relax and unload.

Some moms take regular solo trips and some don’t leave their kids’ side till their teenagers; everyone has a preference and a choice. Just don’t wait too long to start remembering you and your needs.


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