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When it comes to bagging our dream job there can be many obstacles and fears to overcome. From a lack of confidence to self sabotaging questions like, "Am I good enough for this role?" "Is there a dream job out there for me?" "Why would they want to hire me?" "Do I have enough experience?" You see, lacking the confidence you need to attain your dream job can really set you back and to put it simply - 'sucks.'

The best advice is to turn the negative inner thoughts into positivity - which you can use to achieve success regardless of those pesky doubts. There have been numerous times where I have been unsuccessful for a potential job role, but the more setbacks I had, the more determined I was to work on the feedback received and do better the next time.

Take my mother’s advice

"To confront your inner thoughts and gain the confidence you deserve, these are positive steps to set you on the right path to success."

1. Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Get a pen and notepad, list your strengths, recognise what you're good at, and what you have a passion for. Know and understand your skill set and what you can bring to the table. As for weaknesses, acknowledge them and set goals to work on and improve them. Turn whatever weaknesses you have into a positive strong quality.

2. Take Time Out of Your Daily Routine and Meditate

Schedule a time - preferably in the morning to meditate. Not only does it help to start your day feeling refreshed, but it also helps to awaken a deeper connection with your inner being. Which could provide support in reducing anxiety and also help with strengthening your self-confidence.

3. Believe In Your Research

I am a big advocate of research. Find the topic, or field you are interested in and learn about the company you want to interview with. The more you learn, the more confidence you gain to explain in an interview why you are passionate and a great fit for the role. It’s about knowing your field inside and out and the rewards to come will be well deserved.

4. Change Your Mindset

We all have doubts from time to time, and the best solution is to step back and evaluate the situation from a more logical point of view. Try and turn your mind into thinking, “Hey, what if I choose this route to take, I’ve got the skills, why not take a dive”. It’s a matter of showing self-awareness and knowing your capabilities. By stepping out of your comfort zone, it will awaken your inner confidence that you have within.

5. Meet and Network

It's normal to experience a slight shyness when talking to new people. You may feel inadequate or out of place but don't let negative feelings put you off. There are over a trillion people on this planet that have experienced similar, and sometimes the best advice is to just jump in and do more of it - meet new faces, listen to their stories and learn from their experiences. Who knows who you could bump into - and that might steer you in the right direction or even bring about the right connections.

What I’ve realised over the years is that no one can build your confidence except you. You are the magic and inspiration that can drive it forward. Believe in your self-worth and you can achieve anything, including that dream career you have written, thought, or talked about with your family and friends. There will always be challenges to face, but by being open to taking risks, you will excel in your dream career.


Charlene Foreman is a thirty something Londoner, who works as an editorial writer. She has strong interests in art, fashion, photography, lifestyle and travel and enjoys expressing her knowledge and experiences with others. Want to connect with Charlene? You can reach her via Instagram @reflectionismyreality

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