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The Changing Face Of Fashion - Since Its Impotent Descent

Fashion has taken a pause of reflection within this period of great uncertainty. The stylistic stall in which it suddenly fell has left a big gap that is yet to be filled.

We found ourselves going from scanning for seats at the catwalk shows to having Fashion Weeks broadcasted entirely online. What about fashion events? Postponed to next year and adopting the virtual world as its new daily reality.

Fashion has never had to wait for anyone. She has always dictated times and indicated places to showcase herself to industry insiders and fanatics and now for the first time has had to back off and wait for a good time to be back on the crest of the wave.

For the first time, powerful fashion is savoring the exact opposite, an opposite that would never have wanted or even imagined to try. What we are witnessing is the loss of power by fashion as a dominant subject. The current situation would show that fashion has become neutral, gender free and rather more inclusive than ever before. It has also been acknowledged by the great luxury brands that the incessant rhythms of

production and the absurd pretension to satisfy the seasonality of the times are no longer possible as well as unacceptable. Some brands will return to a normal life made of two annual collections, others only one, others still have not decided. Fashion must now be organised in a more sustainable, ethical and economically valuable way.

Let's proceed step by step touching on all the pieces that make up the fashion system and the current situation.


Paris, London, New York, Milan & Tokyo populated by shopping tourists keeping great distances when remembered, rather than by fashionistas looking for scoops.


Both followed a cyclicity of twice a year, where being

behind all the shows and collections was like forgetting about yourself. But let's face it, some brands, in order to quench the production thirst even produced six collections per year.


Small collections of a few pieces that were born like buds after the

first spring rain, between the space to be filled up that was created when Haute Couture and Pret a Porter had already shown all the knowledge of the fashion of the year. Many brands have decided to do without it, at least for the moment.


We have gone from a long weekend (usually from Thursday or Friday to Monday) of unbridled fashion to Fashion Weeks now watched from mobile phones or laptops, while events alternate from canceled to unreleased dates next year.


Even the swarming fairs of buyers seeking the most exclusive trends and pieces must for now renounce the pleasure of traveling to source items to sourcing pieces from the comfort of their offices'.


In these times of extreme uncertainty, influencers and web socialites have increased the desire for "homemade" selfies, videos and tutorials of home’s outfit, fitness, yoga and meditation have all become hot topic.


There also seems to be room for ordinary people on the covers of glossy fashion magazines. The standard 90/60/90 have given room for more 'natural bodies'. In addition, there is also an outlet for reflection by fashion writers - new projects and winds of change. An increased awareness in the air that two shades, one dark and one light must live in synergy - like yin and yang, two opposing, complementary and interdependent energies that form the whole.


In this uncertain situation, we have also managed to bring out a new trend - the ever present 'face mask'. Most support the argument that this new accessory is not needed, but there are those who have instead made it a staple fashion statement by showing masks of all colors and even working it into matching an outfit. Perhaps subconsciously a way of escaping reality.

So there are changes in all spheres of fashion, every single part of which it is composed has inevitably been involved and forced to recreate a more harmonious and balanced whole. For now we no longer have our beloved catwalks, the unbridled rhythms of fashion weeks, the rush of covering events, the race of typing articles to be sent to the editorial staff, the videos to be posted on social networks.

Perhaps things will never be the same, but this is yet another opportunity for fashion and its system to reinvent itself. On the other hand, it has done so since birth, as this has always been its nature - that one must always get up especially after falling.


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