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You matter. Dress like it. It’s a dignity and self-love thing when you are one hell of a drained momma, but you keep it fly; stylish and do mean it when you say that 'the bags under your eyes are Prada', each of the times you are told a day that you in fact, look tired or exhausted. If I had a penny for every time I heard that or a comment regarding my clothing, or make-up, I would be ruling the world.

Since I became a mother, I have always got myself happily dressed. Happily, dressed is what I call it when I am happy with how I look for the day. I do not care if anyone else is happy with how I am dressed, but I care if I am.

Now, quite a few days have been skipped, but overall, I get dressed. It was always made such a deal of though and it soon had to become background noise to me. Everyone, and I mean everyone from my son’s caregivers to Postal workers would question me often about my having on full make-up or dressing a certain way and all because I was seen with my son. I was a mom. How could a mom have style or make-up on? Why?

It happened so often that I once started to wonder if I was doing something wrong by wearing make-up and nice fits, but I quickly came to the conclusion - I wasn’t. I was simply being me. I kept my swag as best I could, and I refuse to not enjoy my daily fits.

Just as it’s been said, “I am nicer when I like my outfit.” That is me. Therefore, I have come across many tips, tricks, and life hacks for the modern momma or busy career woman to stay stylish, and well-kept while constantly on the run.

The focus here is, as mothers, career women, and just women trying to hustle, and build a life - we mustn’t forget that we too are individuals. We each are one-of-a-kind.

This is not a series about image. We are all without rivals and there is no need to compete, but to care for ourselves well. Image ties into being competitive with other women. That’s unnecessary self-drama all of us need to let go and go for good. We all possess our very own uniqueness that no one else on this earth has so we need to gracefully flaunt who we are apart from all the hats we must wear. (Pun not intended) Just because we become moms, work constantly, or turn a certain age does not mean we can no longer wear make-up, look stylish and put the proper and essential maintenance of ourselves.

We only must learn to do it quicker. A lot quicker. That is what I hope to bring you through this series of, These Bags Under my Eyes are Prada, articles.

I want to spread the many ways to keep the staring worth their while, and you a happier and more confident momma rocking your badassery looking tired or not. I know many women cannot seem to find the time to get dressed these days no matter what they do, but I also know where there is a will, there is a way. You matter. Dress like it. Period.

Rule of thumb number one: No staying in pyjamas all day. Pyjama days are to be limited as staying in your pyjamas or sweats on the regular will leave you feeling many things and undignified is number one. Badass women will never allow their dignity to be vanquished in any way, shape or form. That includes how you dress, and how you present yourself to the world.

Dignity and style web together. They connect well to confidence, productivity, smiling, and laughter leading to a better day. When we look good to ourselves, we feel damn good. We feel better. At least, I know I do. Therefore, by feeling 'top-notch' my actions, and reactions will be much more on the beautiful side than that coming from an irritated, grumpy, or “I am too stressed!!” crazed woman.

Getting up and getting dressed right - really is a catalyst to better days; better moments. If only I had a scientific type fact to back this up. Mommas, if you are not able to get dressed then you are too stressed or too uptight. You are too - something. I know on my days I do not get dressed, it is because something was far off or out of alignment that day so much that I missed my chances to feel like myself. Those are not my best days, ever.

Thankfully, those days have become fewer and farther between. The first step, I started looking around at my daily life questioning what was becoming too this or too that causing me to get lazy with myself or out of line with timing, and wise usage of it. Moms, if we do not manage our time well we cannot manage our lives well and that eventually leads to an inevitable disaster and many plot twists all at once. So, I started to let go and no longer allow anything to bother me in an intense way where it affected my daily happiness or mood.

I prioritized my responsibilities desires, and daily musts while respecting myself to work it all around the time I needed to get appropriately dressed for that day. Once I figured this out it was a new dawn, and a new day forevermore! Think over your days.

What can you stop trying to control so much? What can you let sit until tomorrow when you have more time? What is it that you prioritize over yourself, all the things you do? Can you rid yourself or your daily routine of any of these things? You can. Make the time because it matters. It matters because you matter as an individual.


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