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How To Kick Your Inner Lazy Girl To The Curb

My family will tell you frankly that I’m one of the laziest people they know. I place a very high value on naps as opposed to folding laundry. I’ve spent money on things I could have easily fixed & done on my own, simply because I just didn’t want to do it and it just seemed like too much work and hassle.

The harsh truth is that my laziness has ruptured my attempts at being proactive, sticking to a schedule, and more. It’s made my life a tad bit more difficult. More recently, I’ve been practicing a few things to help beat my laziness. Get into them below!

Morning Work Out

I workout in the morning - yep, I said it. Jump-starting my day with a workout helps me focus and when I’m done with that workout, I’m energized and mentally planning out everything I have to get done throughout that day (and even for the rest of the week!). It gives a much needed kick of energy and, I’ve noticed, I’ve been able to maintain a well-planned schedule when I have that boost in the morning.

Goal setting

I set goals and make them clearly visible. I love writing my goals down in my notebook but there’s nothing like seeing them written out, in the open. I like to write my goals on a piece of lined paper and detail how I’m going to achieve that goal. For example, one of my constant goals is to complete my laundry all on the same day. My lazy-girl makes it seem like it’s impossible but it’s actually not. I can do it and I’m sure to remind myself why I should complete it all at once as opposed to procrastinating and making more work for myself, in the future. Work now so you can rest later.

Your kids will become you

I remember that it would be TERRIBLE if my kids pick up on my laziness. This would be absolutely horrific. On top of everything I’d have to do around the house, I couldn’t even imagine having to constantly tell or remind my kids to do little things like put their already folded laundry, away. I’d probably pull my hair out; lashes & brows, included.

I know that if I want my kids to be proactive and organized, I should be the same. They follow examples and I’d only be making my life more stressful by showing them the wrong example.

Ask for help

When needed, I ask for help. - Sometimes, my laziness isn’t laziness. Sometimes I’m just tired. My body feels like it’s on 0%, my feet may hurt, etc. When I need to, I ask my mom for help. She’s helped me clean up my room, she’s done the dishes, and has just kept the kids for me for a night. Every little bit helps and I’ll always be grateful for the power of my little community.

Being that this is an ongoing struggle for me, I’ll be reminding myself of each and every one of these tips on a regular basis. Sometimes, we just need a break & need some work taken off our plates which can spiral into an unexpected days-long frenzy of piled-up dishes, laundry overload, and a backlog of household cleaning. Take your needed time then get right back into it, ladies! We got this.


by Jewel Newsome

Instagram @watch.jewelgo | Twitter @watchjewelgo


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