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26 Things That You Can Totally Control

In life we can too often become consumed with the negativity of daily events and circumstances, leading us to feel lethargic, stressed and depressed. But honestly we hold so much power, (much more than you would probably believe) over ourselves, that can better us for a more positive and controlled way of living. Here are 26 things that are totally within your control.

1. Your Attitude

2. Your Happiness

3. What you focus on

4. How honest you are

5. Who your friends are

6. How many risks you take

7. How much you think about the past

8. Your perception

9. How you react to people

10. What you learn

11. What you consume

12. How kind you are to others

13. What you take from past hurts

14. How you deal with negative people

15. Your inner chatter

16. Your confidence

17. Your commitment to tasks and projects

18. Your self image

19. ​How you express your feelings

20. How often you practice gratitude

21. How you spend your money

22. Who you choose to spend time with

23. How you spend your time

24. Your attitude to setbacks

25. Your level of self-love

26. ​​Whether or not you judge other people

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