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Arc Storytelling  - Helping Women Like You Tell Their Best Story

It’s been proven - we are wired for stories. As children, it’s the main way we learn and share information, and this continues throughout our adult lives.

Telling a story helps others relate to us and care much more than facts and figures. Our personal success and happiness is based on the stories we tell ourselves and other people.

Being too close to our own narratives can make it difficult to tell our life stories in a way that clearly sums up who we are.

And some women find it difficult to be confident and unapologetic about what they uniquely offer to the world, and the most effective way to communicate it.

Arc Storytelling helps women tell their best story.


"Many of our clients are getting back into work after a break, transitioning into a new role, or want a change in their lives but aren’t sure where to start,"

Arc’s CEO, Bree Verity


Through a detailed 1 to 1 consultation, we help them uncover insights about themselves.

For many busy women, they’ve never had the opportunity for self-reflection in a safe and non-judgmental’s invaluable.

Using successful interviewing and visualisation techniques, certified coaches at Arc tap into key story points, the integral moments that have shaped and defined your identity to date. Arc Storytelling’s consultation run for an hour. It quickly targets the essence of who you are, and creates a powerful story that can give you the boost you need.


‘I really enjoyed Bree’s consultation, she gave me a thoughtful and fresh perspective and helped me understand how others perceive me, how I influence others, and helped me formulate my plans going forward in my career.’

Lucy Winters


You will come away with a better understanding of where you have been and how this has crafted your identity. You will have insights into your own unique specialisms, what you want and how to achieve it.

Using a unique formula, you’re taught how to communicate your personal narrative so you can confidently tell other people about your unique contribution to the world. You’ll notice how others listen, connect, and remember – long after you walked away.


‘Arc Storytelling helped me craft the story of my life into a simple narrative that I can use to raise my profile and the funding I needed to begin screening pilots in Ghana this month. The consultation gave me the confidence to move forward in realising my dream. I know how important knowing myself and telling my story is to gain confidence from others.’

Ella Antwi-Ticehurst


In the same week as your consultation you’ll receive your Story Card, a visual reminder of your life story. Use it to track your progress towards reaching your goals, as well as for your own personal PR.


‘Bree took me on a beautiful conversational and visual journey to reflect on key experiences through my life in order to encapsulate them into a succinct storyboard. The end result is a one pager that shows my key life achievements, values, and dreams for the future. This process has been incredibly valuable. It's unique to see oneself mapped out in this way. I can see myself using my storyboard as a "North Star" in a sense, especially at times when I "lose my way.'

Rachael Moss


Need some additional support in overcoming an obstacle holding you back?

The Arc team also offer 1 hour micro-coaching modules. These 1:1 sessions are full of practical tips and customised exercises to help you be your best:

  • Building confidence and self-belief.

  • Unblocking barriers standing in your way of success.

  • The practice and power of positive thinking.

  • Finding and building your purpose and future self.

  • Being your best self, now.

  • Becoming a better leader.

If you are ready to make phenomenal changes in your life and would like to know more...

contact the team at Arc here at or visit our website


Bree Verity is a journalist, change management consultant, and executive coach with over 20 years of experience in telling the incredible stories of the people she’s been privileged to meet. Originally Canadian, she’s travelled the world and currently resides in London, England with her husband and 7 year old twins, Astri and Wolfe.
Her favourite quote is from Citizen Kane, ‘Nothing is ever better than finding out what makes people tick.’
Everytime Arc is able to help someone with their own narrative, she feels that we’re a little bit closer to tapping into our true selves, making the world a better place to be.

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