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The Freedom of Self-Expression - Behind Feminist Fashion Slogans

Each and everyday we show some form of self-expression through our personality, speech, body language, how we present ourselves and by what we wear. In order to speak our minds, share our beliefs and feel more empowered, we can use slogans to communicate with others and allow ourselves to open up, be heard and embrace who we are as individuals.

For the past several decades, the basic t-shirt has been a popular fashion item - used to express political, bold and relatable statements. Slogans, such as “Girl Power” to “We Should All Be Feminists” have been spotted on the runaway, sold in high street retailers and seen on our favourite celeb or 'influencers' (as we choose to call them these days.) They are 'big', 'bold', and they are 'out there' for people to stop, look and take notice of.

This has been a major political fashion trend for decades and is much more than just a passing one - the slogans are used to evoke emotion and encourage others to embrace current or future issues. We have seen this with designer Katherine Hamnett’s political t-shirts, which have stated 'Save the Future', 'Choose Life' and 'Women against War'. We can also note renowned Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood's work in 1975, with the graphic tee of two cowboys touching penises. Both designers had something important to convey and they were not afraid to express their opinions. Today, they are known as strong, powerful, 'badass' women who are always prepared to shout, scream and get in front of the camera to express their frustrations and the message in their work, as well as the modern political or environmental issues we face daily.

"Slogans work on so many different levels; they’re almost subliminal.

They’re also a way of people aligning themselves to a cause. They’re tribal. Wearing one is like branding yourself”

- Katherine Hamnett -

A few days ago I myself decided to pull out a t-shirt I had purchased from Zara some months ago - which states

- “Accept life with what it gives you but fight for the good things.

Live now, live the future, live the past, live forever”

This was certainly a t-shirt worthy of purchase with such a positive and impactful message, that I was incedibly proud to wear. We all have the ability to use our voices or clothing in this case and make a statement. So 'get-up' on that invisible platform and begin to embrace your beliefs and freedom of speech.


Charlene Foreman is a thirty something Londoner, who works

as an editorial writer. She has strong interests in art, fashion, photography, lifestyle and travel and enjoys expressing her knowledge and experiences with others. Want to connect with Charlene? You can reach her via Instagram @reflectionismyreality


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