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The Fashion Social Influencer: Is It The Job Of The Future?

Photo Credit: Wenyang

In the last few years a new professional figure has become very popular - the figure in question, is known as the 'Social Influencer'. If in the past the traditional desk job seemed like the most reassuring job, nowadays the perspective has been completely reversed.

According to statistics, the search for professionals in the use of social networks has grown more and more. This figure has become a subject of study at prestigious universities all over the world, so much so that specific degrees and courses have now been created in order to formulate job opportunities in this new field.

Who Is the Social Influencer?

Usually, it’s someone capable to use social networks and has a certain credibility in a specific sector; he knows his audience very well (in this case his followers) and he persuades and delights them with continuous updates on a specific sector, sometimes mixing details that may belong to his private life.

Opening the doors to this new profession is the undisputed social network Instagram, a showcase for many professions and fertile ground for fashion, which dominates a virtual space without any limitation, publishing images and videos mostly with short captions.

What happens when one single shot is posted by a social influencer?

A ton of clicks per image or video, an explosion of views per story, increase in

activity, which for many influencers means a return - in terms of money. Those numbers, in turn, are transformed by the online fashion marketing brands into an increase of visibility and sales.

Practically, a social influencer is paid to advertise and sponsor products or impose trends. She

becomes the brand herself by promoting certain companies, and often she is associated with the brand itself, as what is known as an 'ambassador.'

On this terrain that social influencers play their game: the continuous updating of posts, video stories and photographs on the product they like, is presented with different details, they make her 'on social networks', a guru with a disproportionate number of followers, ready to 'follow her' and to be influenced by each of her dictates.

Consequently, social influencers propose themselves as real web teachers, offering masterclasses or workshops on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to improve skills or discover new ways to be followed. Online classes are available for ease of accessibility. The aim is simply to increase followers, offering their own experience as an example to 'follow' to essentially become a 'master' as a social influencer.

In short, some frown upon the role of the influencer, but if you are tired of your usual job and you want to start an online business, all you have to do is spend hours and hours on social networks, giving vent to your creativity and building your following in order to create your ideal lifestyle and job.


Alessandra Guerrieri studied Communication and Social Media and later specialised in Communication and Fashion Journalism. She has contributed articles to Vogue Italy where her creativity has been expressed through her fashion writing, as she holds a vast knowledge in fashion culture and history.


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