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How To Combat The Negative Thoughts In Your Head

Let's face it, we all have negative thoughts, that niggling thought that something will go wrong, or the one that screams 'I'm not good enough' when we're really trying to move forward in life. It's totally normal. The thing is our coping mechanisms, life experiences and attitude can all effect the way we deal with them. Many of us try to suppress and ignore them, but this really doesn't work, if anything it amplifies them ten fold.

Whether it be a financial issue, family problems, work or relationship issues, it's important to face and resolve them as soon as possible.

So what tools and techniques can we use to combat these pesky negative thoughts? Here's a list of our top 5!


1. Write It Down

Harbouring negative thoughts is detrimental to our well-being. Instead of going over negative notions in your mind, offload and write them down. Keep a journal or notepad and document what's bothering you. When we see our problems on paper we can then begin to plan ways to resolve them. Have a plan of action and work towards attacking any issue head on.

2. Talk to a Friend

Mental chatter can sometimes result from your mental storage overflowing. Grab a close friend or family member you can trust and discuss your issues with them. You may be surprised with the feedback or solutions you receive. We can sometimes magnify problems, but when they are shared, we get to view them from a completely different perspective, which can really lessen the load of the problem.

3. Keep a Gratitude List

When we're going through something difficult it's so easy to stay on the negative track, creating tunnel vision and possibly even manifesting more negativity. Trying to be positive may be hard, but if we keep a list of things we are grateful for then our attention shifts and the realisation that all is not doom and gloom will do wonders for our psyche. Start by writing 10 things you are grateful for every morning. These can be the simplest of things like, coffee, great friends, your mini's. Just keep writing them down and watch your energy shift.

4. Visualisation

Visualisation is such an amazing tool that can help in so many areas of our lives. When you're feeling overwhelmed take a step back and imagine placing the problem inside a balloon (yes,a balloon, just listen...) Now visualise the balloon floating high up into the sky. This will give a temporary ease from the pressure of the issue and should reduce those negative thoughts and feelings.

5. Get Creative

Theres something magical that happens when you put your energy into a creative project. Your whole being is taken over by a sense of ease and pleasure. Painting, collage making and writing all have therapeutic outcomes attached to them. So, get together with a friend, the kids or by yourself and work on something special that will detach you from negative thinking.


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