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5 Ways To Spend Valentines Day Single - and Love It!

The romantic buzz is all around. Shop windows have been donned with red hearts. Gift ideas are everywhere you look, and everybody you know seems to be extra loved up!

But if you're spending Valentines Day alone and are feeling a little hard done by, I am here to let you know that there really is no reason to be embarrased or feel like you're missing out.

Okay, okay, okay, so it's always nice to have someone to spend a nice romantic evening with, but it really isn't the be all and end all if February has not brought you love and romance.

Here are my quick 5 tips for spending v-day the way YOU want to.

1. Eat Ice Cream

Ben and Jerrys, Häagen-Daz, you name it. Ice Cream is perfect for any occassion right? So, if you're feeling a little woeful about not having a signifiant other (which, btw you shouldn't be) and you really want to do nothing but self indulge, then ice-cream really is my weapon of choice - in moderation of course.

2. Spend It With Your Loved Ones (They're Just as Special Too Right?)

Spend it with your children, family members, and indulge in joy and happiness. This includes yourself for that matter. Make your time together extra special or consider some self-care by treating yourself to a pamper day or evening.

3. Spend It With Your Girlfriends

Now who said that v-day was a day to only spend with a lover? There are no rules right? Grab a few of your closest gal pals and have a fun 'Galentines Day' one filled with fun, laughter, love and let's not forget, prosecco!

4. Spend It With Your Pet

Now this may sound weird but we all know that us Brits love our pets, sometimes even more than our partners. So if you have a pet that you love and adore - make it all about you and them!

5. Forget Valentines Day Altogether

We do not have to adhere to the rules of mass media. So switch off the box, and all the endless v-day chatter and forget it's even taking place. Out of sight, out of mind right?!


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