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Hollywood Statuesque in a Thousand Yards of Blue Taffeta

For a decade Lady Gaga has dazzled us with her impressive and striking theatrical “out of this world” outfits. Whatever elegant or insane outfit she wears, she brings to life with amazing credibility. She is a true artist in her own right and goes far above and beyond to push the boundaries in Fashion and Film. However many people might not understand her take or choice of styling and outfits, but when she embodies legendary stars which have graced our TV screens, I believe people can get on board with her look because she stands out from the crowd.

As everyone knows, every year Fashion runs on a cycle. There is always a hint of repetitive trends that appear each year but as the years go on, the looks become more modern, innovative and at the same time exude a reflection of past eras. For example, this is not the first time Lady Gaga has shown us an updated version of imitating a look from legendary icons which we all love and admire. At the 2016 Golden Globe Event, she wore an incredible Versace off-the-shoulder, sultry black velvet curvaceous dress which matched her glamorous blondie curls. You could say her mission was to reincarnate the beautiful bombshell Marilyn Monroe, as a way of expressing a contemporary update and bring forth the allusion of 1940’s past Hollywood looks, such as the hourglass shape, the wasp waist and pin-up attitude.

The ironic coincidence is Lady Gaga has done it again. With her impressive take on the remake of “A Star is Born” three years later at this year’s 2019 Golden Globes Event. The star-studded musician and actress has brought a designer’s creation to life. She wore an incredible princess-like Valentino voluminous off-the-shoulder Taffeta sky blue dress, oversized puffy sleeves with a thousand-yard-long train, which shares some similarities to the legendary Hollywood icon Judy Garland’s dress that she wore in the previous classic adaption of 1954’s version “A Star is Born”.

As both gowns share a few similarities it also shows you the change in Fashion design throughout the decades. From the neck line, garment panelling, cuts, prints, colour and silhouettes. These elements have led the Fashion Industry to evolve and develop from the 1950’s styling of Christian Dior’s “New Look” to the present day with exaggerated luxurious statuesque gowns, in all shapes and sizes, alongside attractive panelling and accessorised with added eyelash extensions and hair dyes to create the ultimate glamourous finish.

I believe by wearing this gown Lady Gaga wanted to make an extreme bold statement to her audience, she wanted to send out a message that portrays her influence, her love for iconic Women of Hollywood and their Fashion sense by remaking history and connecting with her character in order to revamp, or should I say reincarnate legendary stars into the 21stCentury.

I have no doubt Lady Gaga will continue to blow our minds with flamboyant, reinventive, “out of this world” looks but society will also witness a budding beauty, a talented artist who will continue to take us on a journey around the block through Hollywood Fashion history and rencounter those looks that brought us to Fashion we see in front of our eyes today.


Charlene Foreman is a thirty something Londoner, who works as a fashion editorial writer. She has strong interests in art, fashion, photography, lifestyle and travel and enjoys expressing her knowledge and experiences with others.


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