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7 Easy Ways To Work On Your Personal Growth

Working on personal growth

There are times in life when we feel stuck. There's no budging and nothing seems to get us out of the slump. Now, this isn't a depressive slump, it is more of 'what now?' kind of feel. What am I doing? Where am I going? What is my purpose? Now these questions often arrive when we are stagnant and are not pursuing growth. You see, growth is so fundamental in life. It ensures that our self esteem is in check and that we feel valued and confident, so without it, it is no suprise that many of us can feel a little meh from time to time. So, we've given you our seven top tips for ensuring you are constantly working on your personal growth.

1. Focus On Love

Learn to seperate from your emotions and focus your thoughts and energy on love. When you become focused on the good you'll lift not only your spirits, but those around you.

2. Learn From Others

As humans many of us go through the same issues and have the same hurts and worries. It's all too easy to think that we are the only ones faced with adversity, so when we find an individual who has felt the same feelings - it's like music to our ears. Their experience and the methods they took to overcome can lead to a better insight and will give the motivation necessary to keep fighting.

3. Work On Your Daily Habits

You can tell alot about a person from their daily habits. What they do with their free time to the time they get up in the morning. Success ca be found in our daily habits and tailoring what we do to improve our situations. Let's say you wake up at 10am on the weekend; why not wake at 8am, giving yourself the extra time to excercise or work on that new business idea? You'll adjust as time goes by and will start to see improvements that you'll so be thankfull for.

4. Break The Mold

How many of us are living in our parents or families shadows? Not reaching our full potential through fear of what others may think. Break the mold and start living life on your terms and your terms only.

5. Trust Your Instincts

Alot of the time many of us procrastinate as we are unsure and weary. With this, uncertainty can easily lead to shut down. Learn to trust that inner gut feeling and ride with your instincts. Deep down we all know what is right and wrong for us.

6. Practice Self Love

Loving ourselves is one of the most important things, but strangely one of the toughest. Society has lead us to believe that we are imperfect and has taught us to focus on our flaws. Practice loving yourself and working on #selflove by treating yourself every once in a while, learning and enhancing your skills or simply by helping others.

7. Heal Yourself

A lack of personal growth can come from harboured ill feelings that have been festering inside. Negativity not only has an affect on our heatth but also our minds. learn to let go of past hurts to become a better you.

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