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A Tribute To Fashion Designer -  Kate Spade 1962-2018

Fashion Designer Kate Spade

“She eats take out on china, and serves champagne with pizza”

Kate Spade

The fashion world, the world in general, has taken a great loss today. Kate Spade, age 55, was found dead this morning by her housekeeper in her Manhattan Home. She had hanged herself with a scarf only leaving a note to her daughter telling her that it was not her fault. The fashion industry along with her customers and many fans are speaking out in her honor today while bringing awareness to mental health. We all have mental health issues, but for Kate it became too dark as it has for many others. It goes to show you that fame is a prohibitive cost, and money isn’t what completes your happiness.

Kate Spade was a pioneer in the fashion industry. She had a keen eye for what women needed, wanted and was able to create a brand mixing those two essentials together causing it to make her name known on a global scale. Her company which she founded was based with the attitude of moderation and class for the working woman. As Kate stated and I quote, “For our customers, fashion is in the right place in their life. It's an adornment, not an obsession.”

Coach bought her company last year, but her name still stands out and is well-founded. Kate Spade has over 180 stores around the world and is sold in more than 400 stores worldwide Kate Spades handbags created a sensational uproar in the 1990s. She started with what would be suit for the working woman and it took off. She had crazy talent. Her jewelry was dainty, chic, but mostly classic pieces. She is a legendary icon, and may she now be a reminder to keep going even if she chose not to.

The well-known and loved iconic Kate Spade logo she always threw in is her special memento to each customer, now. May it remain that way after today as we mourn the loss of a talented, keen, and gorgeous fashion designer that will be dearly missed especially within the fashion community. May it too be a reminder that there is always hope and help. That mental illness does not discriminate and can take lives far too soon like it just has with Kate Spade. Reach out and speak up when it becomes too dark. There’s plenty of resources and hotlines to call to get you the help you may require especially if you feel you’re fighting your demons alone.

Suicide hotline 24/7: 1-800-273-8255 US

Samaritans 24/7: 116 123 Free from UK mobiles and landlines

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