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A Closer Look With Carole Marchant - How I Reinvented My Style After Kids

So, I had just turned 31 when I had my son who has recently celebrated his 12th birthday - yep, do not, I repeat do not ask me where those years have gone! My style since, has somewhat changed a hell of alot. The combining factors being - one; my beautiful new and aging body shape - not that I ever wore crop tops prior, but after having my son I had and still have some prominent silvery stretch marks on my lower tummy area - that I have come to love might I add. I am now so at one with them and will still wear a super cute bikini on holiday's, but with a cover-up close to hand of course. However, I certainly wouldn’t want to expose them while food shopping in Sainsbury’s.

Two; this is probably also in part due to my age, although I loathe saying “age appropriate” as I'm pro women being able to wear what they love - without judgement. I still love Top Shop, but tend to go at quieter times when I'm adament the store will not be filled to the brim with gorgeous looking teenagers.

In the first few years after my son was born I think I lost my style mojo - which most mama's can relate to and as I navigated through motherhood and learned to accepot a whole new lifestyle, my love for fashion seemed to wane.

I think your child becomes your whole focus and you are in a bubble at this time, but as they then begin to attend nursery/pre-school and you have more time to yourself, you can begin to focus on yourself, even if only a little bit more.

In recent years my interest in fashion has been re-ignited. Feeling more confident as I have aged to just wear what I like and not to worry so much about what anyone else thinks. I think being a mother can be so demanding and consuming sometimes that the fun and frivolity of fashion is a much needed welcomed distraction. This is why I enjoy Instagram so much as it’s an outlet for my fashion and makeup interests with women who also share these passions, who are supportive and non-judgemental.

Since my son has been at school I do find there is definitely a “mum uniform” that I and many others wear. The go to skinny jean with a blazer in the summer or parka in the winter with trainers or ankle boots. It’s an easy look which looks good and means you don’t have to think about your outfit too much. As mama's we also sometimes shy away from standing out too much as we do not want the other mothers to pass comment on what we are wearing so going for the let's call it - ‘safe option’ is much easier.

I do however try and “jazz” my mum look up with some statement sunglasses though - I love sunglasses, well, who doesn't? They always look fabulous and hide a multitude of sins, plus everyone looks better in a pair of sunglasses. Or I will put a bright lipstick on just something to make the look pop just that little bit more.

My last take on fashion is that I have to say that since becoming a mum I find high heels much trickier to wear. I think this has been down to all the time spent chasing a very energetic little boy in flat shoes, which has now meant I find myself wobbling in heels a whole lot more nowadays. I am now definitely a car to bar heel wearer these days.

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