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3 women speak about THEIR valentines day truths 

 3 min read | THE EDITORS | February 10th, 2019


Julia 32 - single, Lawyer 

My single life has been um, how can I put it - bizarre. 5 years in and now and again I take another stab at dating, but it seems to almost end in a pitiful plea to some jerk who really isn’t on my mental level or really isn't ready for commitment. So much so, that recently I have taken a complete step back and readjusted my priorities, want’s and needs when it comes to dating. So when it comes to February 14th, with all the romance in the air, I treat the day as if it’s just another. No self wallowing or feeling down that I have no one to call my own. I simply do everything the same. Get to work, then after 8 hours head home. 

I usually get the tube back (whilst trying to avoid the array of heart shaped balloons and the couple awkwardly gazing into each others eyes in front of me.) Get home pull on my pj's and either read and have a glass of wine or catch up with Netflix. And yes, this will be my plan again this year, and to be honest I really like it this way. When the right man comes along then hell yeah I’ll (or at least hope)that we do something special, but until then I’m riding solo and absolutely love it. 












Annie 25 - single, Fashion Consultant 

My memories of Valentines Day when I was younger are quite prevalent. My father and mother married when they were both 22, he loved my mother immensely and still does, and every year he would do something unique and significantly special for her. She would glow with adulation and he loved to see her smile. My father still does it to this day. For me, I guess my expectations are pretty high due to my childhood and what I now perceive as normal. However, I am now three years older than my parents were when they married and my parents continuously ask me about my relationship status. I guess they believe that time is running out for me. But, for me, the pressing issue is that we are living in a completely new age. Romance is not the same and as for courting – please, does that even exist anymore? So this year I will be spending Valentines Day with my girlfriends, and to be honest I am so here for it. I would rather spend the day with women whom I see as complete badasses, have fun, and celebrate our love and joy for one another, than have a superficial guy who is yet to understand my worth.




"However I have chosen not to spend the day wallowing in self-pity and will celebrate a day of love with our children."





Kate 38 - divorced, Stay at Home Mum 

My divorce was finalised just over a year ago. I was lucky enough to have what some would deem as a 'simple' divorce. But, for me, there was nothing simple about it. I lost my best friend and who I imagined would be my life partner, but we simply fell out of love and it has ironically been far from simple. My ex-husband did not really have a romantic bone in his body, but, nevertheless, when Valentines Day came around he would make quite an effort. So this - my first one alone in over 15 years, will feel hollow. However, I have chosen not to spend the day wallowing in self-pity and will celebrate a day of love with our children; with an extra special dinner, sod it - I might even make it candle lit! 














"The pressing issue here is that we are living in a completely new age. Romance is not the same and courting – please, does that even exist anymore?"

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