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Mother pushing baby

Image Source: Pexels New mothers can encounter a lot of issues after childbirth. Losing postpartum weight, achieving balance in work v life responsibilities, and finding time for yourself are just a few of these. Further, the things you see on social media can add to the pressure of being 'perfect', as discussed in our article on ‘The Rise In Social Media Usage’. You can encounter posts of other moms’ achievements or even get sidetracked by using social media so much so that you disregard more important things like your own health and fitness. Keeping in good health is essential so you can continue to care for your baby. Fortunately, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle even with a busy schedule. WebMD’s post enumerates several exercises new moms can practice, including walking. It’s one of the easiest ways to get into fitness after giving birth and it gets you out of the house, clearing your mind and preventing you from doom-scrolling on social media. The best thing about it is that you can spend time with your baby while you’re at it by pushing a stroller.

Health Benefits of 'Stroller Pushing'

This exercise comes with several physical and mental health benefits. Health website, Livestrong informs us that pushing a stroller burns calories, allowing you to shed the baby weight. The more you weigh, the more calories are burned. For example, if you weigh 155 pounds, 176 calories are burned after an hour of pushing. The speed at which you walk also contributes to the number of calories lost. Sticking with our example of weighing 155 pounds, pushing a stroller at 3 mph lets you burn 195 calories in an hour. It can also tone the muscles in your legs, especially if you do high knees or lunges in alternation with pushing. You can even use a loop band around your thighs while pushing the stroller, so the resistance it creates targets your glutes. Finally, this activity gets you to spend time outdoors. A report from On Health notes how sunshine and fresh air can decrease the 'baby blues' or the feeling of sadness after giving birth. While this is normal, it won’t hurt to try and alleviate that moodiness and stay fit at the same time.

Things You Need To Begin 'Stroller Pushing' For Health

To get started, there are a few things you’ll need: a stroller or pushchair, sunscreen, and sports shoes. A high-quality stroller is key to keeping your baby safe and withstanding the trails you take while walking. iCandy’s pushchairs are all easy to manoeuvre and can be used across grass or rough terrain, so you can take them to your local parks. Its tires are also puncture-proof, so you won’t have to worry when taking more unconventional paths. The shade can also protect your baby from harmful UV rays, especially since their skin is very sensitive while they’re young. You can apply your child with baby-safe sunscreen for added protection as well. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on yourself, too! Finally, the proper shoes must be worn for walking because, as it’s still a form of exercise. New Balance’s trainers are lightweight and cushioned - perfect for long periods of walking. Its flexible arch is suitable for walks and lunges, while the minimal heel provides stability. Using the proper sports shoes prevents injury and yields comfort. Pushing a stroller is the perfect solution for staying fit and spending time with your baby. What’s great is that it brings you several health benefits as well, helping your mind and body get into a healthier state as a new mom.

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