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Nitika Chopra -   A Woman on a Mission to Inspire Radical Self-Love

Nitika Chopra

Nitika Chopra is a talk show host, beauty, and lifestyle expert, but ultimately, Nitika Chopra is living proof that there is life beyond what tries to cause us to feel hopeless, to want to give up, and wallow in our suffrages. She radiates a glow that is beyond herself. There is a profound authenticity in her smile, and it all stems from her divine focus on being committed to her happiness rather than her suffering. Nitika is not ordinary, and this gorgeous soul sister is mighty and in absolute dedication to helping anyone in need by spreading her own founded life’s truths regarding self-care and harnessing the compassion one must give themselves to fall in love with who they are.

Nitika suffered from chronic illness, and pain most of her life which left her confused whilst battling depression, and insecurity daily. She is not one that has thrived or found her peace by sitting still, and relying on meditation or daily affirmations. No, she suffered, and greatly so. And, through it, Nitika found the positivity that led her to her passion and purpose. She knew her worth. She knew that she was more than her conditions and did whatever it took to start living the life she had always wanted. As she would tell you, self-care was her saving grace, and I will tell you her warrior like mind-set was too and is what has made her the prime example for us all to now we can flourish no matter what ails us. Nitika is one glorious badass. It was a pleasure to speak with her and receive an insight into the life of this detrmined, inspiring and badass woman Nitika Chopra.

Rebecca - MW Magazine:“Self-care is very important to you. What are the top three ways you practice it?”


“One of the first ways I practice self-care is just by having really strong boundaries. I try to make sure that I don’t over extend myself, that I do not say yes to things that don’t feel good, and that I don’t answer e-mails or texts passed a certain time at night or before a certain time in the morning. Just things that I know for me personally that will make me feel drained and not that great if I don’t listen or if I overstep those boundaries. That’s probably one of the biggest ways I practice self-care. Another way I practice is by incorporating it into my beauty routine. I talk a lot about beauty, and products that I love and I just find that when I’m not feeling good or by finding those moments I can tap into loving myself through beauty, and not just looking at skin care as a means to an end but as a way to connect with my body. Often when having a skin condition, it always feels like a means to an end, but I found that by keeping it simple really helps. And, the third would be community, and with my friendships. I find that meeting with my friends as often as I can while getting work done and making sure I have those relationships in my life active and consistent. That helps me keep from feeling like I am doing everything alone or like I am isolated which yes, I find that is very important with self-care.”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: “In your darkest days of your illness, how did you maintain positivity?”

Nitika: “You know I basically think it’s a lot of what I just mentioned and really getting back to the basics with your self-care. When you're having a hard time, you can find yourself just pushing and getting dragged down, and it’s really about getting back to basics. Like getting back to nutrition, or getting back to the, one step at a time like thing, and seeing what you can do in every moment. My definition of self-love is being more committed to your happiness than to your suffering in every moment. So, I think when you are having a hard time thinking of that and calling on that from a moment to moment basis is the best thing that you can do.”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: “What is your top tip for motivation?”

Nitika: “Okay, so like, the times when my psoriasis was really bad, and I was bleeding, and flaking and in so much pain I couldn’t get out of bed; I knew I had a choice to either be depressed or to find happiness. I think if you are really struggling to get out of bed, or something I think try not to do it alone. You know, it’s those times when we isolate the most and think that no one could understand or I don’t want to burden anyone or so on and so forth and thinking you can’t handle it then I think if you can call someone or text them and let them know that you're really struggling and are in need of support that is the best place to start, and I think that everything will really start to flow from there. “

Rebecca - MW Magazine: “How did you decide upon and take the leap of faith into blogging, and T.V. work?”

Nitika: “I wanted to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and I figured out that I wanted to express myself, I wanted to create content and I wanted to help people. So, it was an evolution, and I had an online magazine with over 100 contributors writing for me, and we would create content every day, and that was where I first started, and I then just wanted to find the way that I was meant to help people. The thing that I love the most is writing, making videos, and creating content. It is what really made me happy, so I made an easy transition over to blogging from there.”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: - “Who has inspired you the most?”

Nitika: “I would say honestly anyone who owns their truth inspires me the most. Whether it’s someone owning the skin that they are in, or owning who they want to love, or owning their body shape or income, or whatever it is, that is the most inspiring thing to me ever.”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: - “Where do you draw your faith from when you are feeling unsure or very overwhelmed?”

Nitika: “I pray a lot. I am very spiritual. I do not have a specific faith that I follow. I believe that God is a universal loving, and kind energy that is constantly shaping us, and surrounding us. I just believe that it is a part of our human existence, and I just pray. I pray all of the time.”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: - “Who has been your biggest supporter?”

Nitika: “My parents have been excellent supporters. They do not necessarily understand what I am doing but they support me anyway in the best ways that they can.”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: - “What are your tips for living your best, and fullest life?”

Nitika: “ I think there are very different definitions of what your best and fullest life is but I think this all goes back to self-care, self-love, creating a community, knowing how to have boundaries, and have a center of faith within you that you can call on so that you are never alone in everything that you are going through. It’s really all depending on what that person is going through that I think those things are really going to help them”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: - “People often in times of hurt can easily become dejected, and depressed. How do you inspire them to see the positivity within the negative situation?”

Nitika: “I think first of all when you are in a negative situation that going right to self-care first is so important. I think especially when you are just in a heightened state, and taking everything personally and things feel sticky, and you're just not able to see things clearly, acting from that place is usually never a good idea. So taking a breather, acknowledging yourself, and that this is hard for you is really the best way to start along with finding a way to vent in a healthy way to someone you trust, or in your journal is really helpful, so that you can clear some of the charge around what is happening, and then lastly, I would say that having a constructive conversation about how you feel in a situation without attacking a person about what is real for you should help you be able to move forward.”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: - “We as women are more often deemed as the weaker, less qualified sex (*insert eye roll with a smirk here), how do you remain sure of yourself, and your talents?”

Nitika: “I just hold on to knowing that there is no one else like me and think that creating and keeping a spiritual center helps me allow myself to know that I am being guided, and by really knowing myself enough to know when I am right or in the wrong, or when I may be going down the wrong or the right path helps. I believe all these things really add up well together and gives confidence in life and in business. Just really knowing yourself and that you're being guided helps you move forward better, and easier.”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: - “How do you define being a badass?”

Nitika: “I think that being honest, I know that’s a really random thing to say but I think being honest about who you are, who you like, who you do not like, what you are, where you come from, what hurts you, what excites you, and so on is being a badass. I see it becoming harder and harder for people to just be honest so being honest even when it’s hard to be; that’s really how I would define being a badass.”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: - “With a magazine, T.V. show, and now beauty expert under your belt, what would you like to embark upon next?”

Nitika: “I actually have a lot of projects I am working on right now. I am launching a podcast in October of this year, and really, I am focusing on doing more group work, and one on one work with people who need support. Just growing - all of that”

Rebecca - MW Magazine: - “On your blog’s homepage you mention that you like to provide people with powerful and fun ways to feel fear and live a beautiful life anyway. What are some of the ways you suggest?

Nikita: “One of the ways is to take all of your fears, and find fun in it with your friends, or whoever or however. Especially when starting something new or doing something that is hard it helps to feel the fear and do it anyway while taking the seriousness out of the situation. For instance, a group text making light of a situation as you go through it can really help. Really, it’s the little things that add levity, and that is what I find to be the best way to handle fearful times, and situations,”

I still smile when I think of her immediate kindness, and chill attitude towards our conversation. Nitika is a blessing in the purest form for us all, and continues to make a difference for us women when dealing with life’s struggles.


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