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Nail Trends That You Should Definitely Get Into This Summer

Image PaintBoxNails

Nail trends can come in pretty fast and head out just as quick. But there's no doubt that having a fresh manicure will leave you feeling classy, chic and pulled together.

Now, the following designs are a mix of wacky, sophisticated, edgy and delicate, some that you can wear to meetings, to school and some for things a little wilder in nature.

Here are some of the coolest nail designs that you can try or at least get your nail technician to try for you. Get inspired and nail it.

Simple yet classy and totally doable for the office. @painboxnails

Go checkerboard with this edgy and sophisticated design. @nataliepavloskinails

Into the dark and out of the light. @nataliepavloskinails

Double up and switch up the colours with this diagonal and horizontal design. @nataliepavloskinails

French chic perhaps? @aliciatnails

Go all glitzy for a night out or glamorous event. @nailsinc

It doesn't get any classier than this, red tips, so chic. @nailsinc

Shimery and pink , what's not to love? @nailclub

We love this Mondrian style inspired design. @fleuryrosenails

What can we say? @heymichellelee has us all gooey over this super cute pink and white design.

This polka dot number is super cute and super chic. @marienails


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