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5 Make Up Sins You're Probably Committing

Ditch The Dark Coloured Lip Liner

The days of wearing a darker lip liner are gone, so gone, mainly because the look will leave you looking similar to someone's Grandmother from the 60's. It looks unatural and just adds a harsness to your overall make up look. Preferably use a liner that matches your lipstick or is just slightly darker. A neutral lip liner can be used under any lipstick but never line the lips with a darker shade.

Storing Make-Up In The Bathroom

Now we have all probably done this at some point and for some may even still be doing this. But make up should not, I repeat, should not be kept in the bathroom. You see it isn't just the heat and condensation from the bathroom that will affect the quality and longevity of your make-up, but the bacteria formed will damage you favourite Chanel foundation in days. Instead - keep stored in the bedroom, preferably somewhere cool and use in the bathroom as and when needed.

Blush Away

When trying to go for the au naturale flushed look it's easy to go over the top, especially when applying your make up indoors. Opt for the less is more approach and aim for a hint not the full on I've just been socked in the face by a heavy weight champion kind of look.

A tip from - James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist and director of Artistry for Ardency Inn is to "add your favorite blush to the cheeks before you apply foundation for a glow that looks like it's coming from beneath the skin. A bright, warm pink at the apple is perfect for all complexions."

Not Cleaning Your Brushes

With very little time as it is, it's an all too common mistake of leaving brushes to get really grimey. Whch will then obviously contribute to break outs or your make up not looking as flawless as it possibly could. Dunk those brushes, sponges, blenders into warm soapy water every fortnight, better still Rachel Wood, makeup artist to celebs Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Olivia Palermo, and Lily Cole says "to wash your tools with a mild shampoo or instant brush cleaner and replace your sponges regularly."


Just as seasonal dressing is a must, so is seasonal make up. We all know that in winter we get slightly paler and in summer slightly darker, so why oh why do we insist on wearing a foundation that was purchased in winter in summer. It simply will not match. I sugget purchasing a new foundation every six months. This way your make up will match your skin tone excatly, no matter the season.


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