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Here's Your 7 Step Guide On How To Become Self-Disciplined

1. When we place pressures on ourselves to execute a task or goal, we tend to procrastinate or worse still run away. Keep things light and remove the pressure else you will stress yourself to the point where you continusouly want to avoid the work.

2. Place the habits you want on a consistent time slot. - Every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, at the same time no matter what. Anything else will make it unnecessarily difficult as you will have to restart the habit over and over again, causing you to use a lot more of your mental willpower.

3. Set the average, which is what you'd like to achieve on a typical day, and the maximum, which is the absolute maximum before stopping. It's simple to keep yourself accountable and get a sense of how well you're doing by putting it into a quantifiable restriction like this.

4. Count your losses. - If you forget or fail to execute one day, count your losses and put the day behind you. Accept the loss, and begin again the next day. Attempting to compensate sets you on a downward spiral and can lower morale.

5. Appreciate each and every victory. - Feel proud of every victory, no matter how small. You should be proud of yourself every day that you demonstrate discipline! Make this a positive experience.

6. Don't go overboard. - At a time, one habit at a time. That is no longer the case. You don't have to go extremely fast; the turtle, not the hare, won the race! Slow and steady, one step at a time, is how huge discipline is developed.

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