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Five Tips for Managing the Holidays During The Pandemic

I don't know about you, but it seems like we just can't catch a break on all the ways the pandemic has impacted our lives in the last two years.

While we are still maintaining social distance and safety measures such as vaccines, and boosters, to stop the spread of the Corona Virus during the holidays, there are still ways to incorporate joy and presence during these special days.

If you can’t be with your entire family, but want to maintain traditions, do so!

Below, I have listed suggestions to help you manage these challenging times, specifically ways to include family or loved ones in your holidays even if they are not with you in person.

1. Make your favorite holiday dishes that give you comfort.

While normally sharing with a larger group of family members, try adjusting for smaller portions. Another lovely way to celebrate family or holiday traditions without loved ones, is to decorate your family heirlooms, table settings and other items to remember traditions with a smile.

2. Plan your day to include communication with loved ones, so you can share and reminisce about your tradition keeping activities. Even consider placing photos of loved ones near the table and at the beginning of the meal, give thanks for them.



3. Practice gratitude for the health and well being of your family at present, if it is appropriate to do so. And with presence, practice gratitude for all the positive aspects of your life, instead of focusing on any shortcomings. Even simple things, help, such as baking your favorite holiday dessert and enjoying eating it!

4. In practicing presence by focusing on the now, we allow the space to feel that things will get better. Try to see the day as a moment in time to be remembered as such, and that being together, however it occurs, is really the key. Next year, you can reminisce about how you managed and how you made the day festive, even with limitations.

5. If you feel overwhelmed by your feelings, take a break, step outside, breathe deeply, spend time with a pet, call a friend or loved one, do a favor for a neighbor, or volunteer if possible. When we participate in helping others, it takes our mind off our troubles. Think of others who can benefit from your attitude and reach out to them. Realigning yourself in each moment with small steps can assist in getting you to the point of realizing a new perspective.

By changing our perspective about anything we see a fresh way of living. Once we gain a new perspective we can feel better and share that joy with others.

Let us know in the comments below how you will incorporate a new way of celebrating even if your loved ones are not with you this holiday season.


Susan Nefzger, Author of A Practical Guide to Awareness

Companion Work Book: Putting Awareness Into Practice


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