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Dr Mira Massih, on balancing a professional career, family life and a new business.

It’s the summer holidays again! In principle such an exciting time of year, but then you remember you’re not single anymore and you’re a mum of two (well three if you count my husband), running a business and juggling a career at the same time!

When exactly did this all happen, and why have I worn the same outfit for three days in a row? When is the last time my husband and I managed to complete a sentence without responding to ‘Muuuuuum I’m hungry’ or ‘Daddddd I want chocolate’….before bedtime…hmm. Who am I kidding, it really is a blessing to have extended quality time with the little ones, but when the holidays arrive, it undoubtedly changes the dynamic and requires serious prioritisation.

Since the birth of our second child during lockdown, I have gone from being a full-time dentist to working two days a week. I just don’t have the capacity to be full time, run the business and stay sane! Oh, and did I forget to mention that we just recently moved to a new house and are unpacking boxes in the midst of the glorious chaos of family life?

In some ways my dental career is quite simple. I start and finish work mostly on time, know what to expect when I’m there, and what’s required of me when I’m not. Family life however needs a lot more planning, and the unexpected is expected. Despite all that though, I must say we’re having a lot of fun as a family navigating through all of this together.

At the beginning of the holidays I quickly learned to slow down and embrace moments with the children by focusing on more effective ways to make the most of family time during the day, so that I have enough time in the evenings to work after the kids have gone to bed. I have found that making breakfast time more fun and less rushed, and then getting out of the house early for a walk or visit to a local attraction is the winning combination.

Getting out earlier really helps to make the day more active and productive, so that the afternoon can be a little more relaxed, with the kids playing in the house or garden, and my husband and I spending some quality time together as well, where possible.

Baby Boosa is a wonderful outlet for me to channel the creativity that sometimes gets put to the side when you become a mum. As mumpreneurs we really need to find space to be ourselves and express our unique skills and talents, and so I would encourage any mum out there, that you can run a business and be a mum, and you may find it boosts your confidence in more ways than you can imagine! Enjoy the different facets of your life and be uniquely you, every step of the way. You can do it mums!


Dr Mira Massih is a successful dentist, full time mum, and founder of Baby Boosa.

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