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3 Steps to finding your soul mate 

by Team Monika Kloeckner | August 1st, 2018 

More often than ever women are longing to meet their compatible soul mate.  Often asking ourselves whether we will ever meet that special someone to walk through the good and the bad times in life together.


So, how do you recognize your soul mate and do you need to do anything to prepare yourself for meeting him?


In October 2011, after  I met my compatible soul mate. At the time I was working as a temp for a company in customer care. One day, Mark would walk into the office and introduce himself to me. I turned to him and instinctively I knew that I had just met my soul mate, as my inner voice told me: "Here you are finally." I felt an inner sense of happiness, contentment and peace.


I got excited because here he was; this dashing man any woman would want to be with; kind, intelligent and funny. I fell in love straight away. 

Going back in time one year, I certified as an advanced Theta healing practitioner. Theta healing enables you to change beliefs in the subconscious mind and restore long forgotten feelings of joy, happiness and love. During my course I learned how to connect with my Higher Self. My burning question was about finding my soul mate. My Higher Self advised me that I would meet him in one year. I would recognize him immediately as the one I would be with. And exactly that happened.

How can you prepare yourself and find your soul mate?


1.  Begin to love yourself unconditionally. Watch your daily thoughts. Are they positive and happy thoughts about yourself and other people? If you are not sure about it, make a note in your mobile or diary about the thoughts you are having for one or two weeks.


Notice how you feel when you have negative thoughts. They can take your energy away and make you feel miserable. Change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Write them down as affirmations and read them daily to cheer yourself up.


When you start to be more positive and love yourself more, your heart chakra will open up. This will trigger the sexual chakra to open too. You will radiate a higher vibration to find your compatible soul mate.

Look after yourself by having your hair done regularly. Make an appointment with a beautician for pedicure or manicure. Treat yourself to buying a new dress. Create a spa ritual at home. Book yourself in to have a hot bath and lit candles in your bathroom. Close the door and enjoy me-time once a month. Schedule it in as if this is an appointment you cannot miss. 

Other ideas to love yourself more often: Learn to say NO, kindly but firmly at work and at home. Delegate some housework to family members. If you can afford to engage a cleaner once a week do it. The more time you can free up for yourself, the better you can look after yourself and meet your soul mate in the process. 

2.  Examine your beliefs. One of the best ways to find out whether you are ready to find your compatible soul mate is with Theta healing belief and feeling work.


Often we think that we are ready for this special person to arrive into our life. But this is not always the case. Sometimes you need to 'declutter' your life in order to make space for the right person to appear. Decluttering means: emotionally as well as physically. This means that you might need to declutter your home, amend your working hours so that you have time to go out and meet people.


Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have time to spend my life with a new man?

Maybe you are a workaholic and have not considered yet that another person would like to have attention to be with you.

What are your views on trust and intimacy?

Do you feel worthy at this point to meet your compatible soul mate?

Are you a jealous person? Are you confident?

What do you believe about yourself?

Do you want a soul mate or a companion now?


These and other questions need to be considered when you decide to let the special person into your life.

3.  Manifesting your soul mate. When you start looking for your soul mate you would need to look for your most compatible soul mate. We have many soul mates in this life time. Depending on how many lives you have already lived, you may meet many soul mates, who may or may not be compatible with you. That is why it is important to call upon your compatible soul mate.  Make a list of what your soul mate should look like. Write down what kind of industry he should be working in, and the salary he earns.  Most important is the personality and character your compatible soul mate should have.  It is also imperative that you call upon a soul mate who is faithful. The founder of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal, has found out that we have genes of monogamy, but not every man or woman carries that gene.  Specify exactly what you expect the soul mate to look, to behave and to have.


When I manifested my soul mate Mark I got 95% of what I was looking for. This is a lot of positives in one person.


                      Please send me your questions and comments to                        or book your Theta Healing                           sessions to find your soul mate on 07480 267 906.


Monika Kloeckner

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