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Happiness 101 - 7 Easy Steps To a Happier & More Fulfilled You

Happiness for some may be based solely on material gain and monetary value, but true happiness, the type where you wake up in the morning and feel warmth inside, is much easier to attain.

There are many proven steps that can help us to become happier and my task today is to help you to become aware of the steps you need to take....from lifestyle to what you consume, here's a little overview on what factors truly influence happiness the most.

What goes into us

Let's begin with the topic of food and drinks. We’ve found that the neurotransmitters that make us feel happy are made when we have a few conditions met and a lot of those conditions have to do with food. For instance, serotonin, one of the key players, is made when there are carbohydrates and a couple of different vitamins and minerals present in the brain. A healthy diet is therefore essential!


Our bodies have to work so hard to keep us alive, active and mentally healthy and strong, that it needs its rest. Therefore, it is no surprise that sleeping enough and having a good quality of sleep is essential for feeling like your best self. What can help with this is again eating healthy, since melatonin (which helps you fall asleep) is made with serotonin. So no serotonin, no sleep!

What we surround ourselves with

Part of why we need so much sleep is because of all the stimuli around us. When we are constantly in busy environments, we get over triggered and thus, it is important to have some calmer environments to retreat to when needed. However, being bored can be just as bad, since fascination is actually very important in feeling excited once in a while. One type of environment that can give you all of this is nature. Nature has been found to be extremely important when restoring your energy, so if you feel down or stressed, a day in the woods or at the beach might do you wonders!

Who we surround ourselves with

Next to the environment, the people we are with are also vital for our happiness. We are group animals and being lonely gives us so much stress that over time, it can even damage our health. But we can be with a thousand people and still feel lonely, so it is definitely also a case of quality over quantity. Figure out who you have a genuine connection with and who gives you energy, instead of takes it away.

Good levels of stress

We all know that too much stress is bad for you, but too little is just as bad, since you wouldn’t care about anything without it. So, it is important to have things you care about, like a nice job, that will make you want to work, but also to do a little self-care sometimes and to wind down at the end of the day.


A great way to change bad stress into good stress is to use it for exercise. Get your anger out by boxing or fitness or tire yourself into relaxation by jogging. This will also help you to get the right neurotransmitters going. Did you know that exercise can feel so good, it even can be addicting?

Experience life

Last, but by no means least, live a little! Studies have found that you’ll be much happier if you buy experiences instead of things, because every time you’ll think back, you’ll experience that happy feeling all over again! So, if you invest, do it in experiences. Travel, hang out with friends or do something you've always wanted to do!


I hope these things will help you get back on track if you’re feeling a little down or even if you just want to improve your happiness even more!


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