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We Should All Be Embracing Our Postpartum Bodies - Here Are Eight Women Doing Just That

Many of the female bodies we see in today's media are complete fabrications of reality. A highlight reel of perfect breasts, flat stomachs and big butts, overshadowing real women, and setting an unrealistic level of beauty. Many women are sick of it. Sick and tired of scrolling and feeling inadequate, unworthy and even unlovable, due to a lack of representation of natural bodies.

I remember my postpartum periods of low confidence, seething in the mirror at what my body had become. Wrapping cling film and sellotape around my stomach in desperation to look slimmer and hide my naturalness. Ashamed to undress, wear a bikini, or let anyone view my body in its entirety. We have all been there and many of us still are. Some have learned to love parts of their bodies, and others, are just beginning their postpartum journey.

It is important as women to not disregard just how beautiful and remarkable our bodies are. The strength between each stretch mark on our stomachs' is unique. Our ability to grow a human and birth such joy is a gift and learning to love the vessel that performs such things should be our priority. We are beautiful, strong, and resilient. Let's continue to remember this and embrace our bodies as they are.

Here are eight women sharing their journey and how they've learnt to love and embrace their bodies. Will you be the next one?


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