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The Power of Editing

Photo by Ramille Soares

Editing is defined as correcting, modifying or condensing. I’ve had the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with girlfriends, read posts, articles and poetic wisdom which in one way or another have been linked to the topic of editing. I gleaned a few pointers from these wise women and have compiled a list, proving the importance of editing and how to figure out what needs to be changed.

Why? Well, for one its necessary for our own well-being. Trimming out what is not important in our lives is so important as we need to make sure that we are making the most of our days and our lives.

How? I recently read a post that referenced Marie Kondo’s show “Tidying Up” about how we need to tidy our homes, show it respect and keep only the items that bring us joy. Why not take it a step further and use this same method when it comes to life? Obviously, there will always be things that occur that are beyond our control but let’s take into our hands the things that we can.

What? Take the time to think of the things that mentally, emotionally, physically exhaust us and rob us of our joy. It can be anything , such as relationships, friendships, activities or hobbies that take us away from really focusing on what is truly important to us - like family, meaningful friendships, things we are passionate about and most importantly ourselves. Honest self-reflection is key here because there may be things that we view as difficult to remove from our lives but remember, we need to control what we keep in our lives that promote happiness and health.

Who? You know that friend who always has something to say about everyone and you are left wondering how or what in the world do they think about you? Edit that. That family member who loves to find fault in how things are done, complains, is super hard to please and difficult to keep the peace with? Edit that. That co-worker who must nag at every task and loves to have those toxic side conversations where they feel refreshed but you are left feeling drained? Edit that. Let me be clear here, by editing I am not encouraging you to eliminate these relationships but it’s important to be self-aware and guard yourself from the impact it has on you.

When? No better time than the present. Take a moment and give your life a good overall review. Next, tune into the things that you know are not worth your time and energy anymore and be brave enough to make the change. Once you’ve made the steps to edit and filter through those people and things you will feel lighter and happier. You’ve got this!


Marie Torio is a professional photographer and writer who specialises in lifestyle, food, restaurant, fashion and editorial work. To connect with Marie you can reach her via Instragram @photosbymarietorio or


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