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7 Reasons Why You So Need A Social Life

So, you feel lumbered with your kids, why wouldn't you if each and every weekend that goes past, you do nothing but sit in wishing you were out, remembering days of yonder. Now by no means is this a ploy to have you venture out, get absolutely hammered on vodka martinis and stumble back into your house at silly o'clock in the morning. And we also understand that planning a night out is no easy task and can pretty much feel like a military operation to navigate sitters, outfits, the destination and a cab ride home, but get this, even if your night does not turn out to be as fabulous as you had imagined, the fact that you have had some much needed 'me time', will give you a self care boost for the week and even maybe the month ahead. So here are our reasons why you should make sure you get out and get social.

1. Support - Life is tough and having someone who can listen to any issues you may have is very important. When you get home from a long day at the office the thought of having someone to offload to is so beneficial.

2. Meeting New People Is Ace - Meeting new people will give you the opportunity to create more friendships and connections. There are hundreds of people that we pass on a daily basis, with different personalities, opinions and experiences that can shape and add to our own lives.

3. You'll Feel valued - Having social interactions will ultimately lead to positive engagement, feeling accepted and even compliments Oo yeah! This in turn will boost your self esteem therefore making you feel liked and valued.

4. You'll become more active - There is so much truth in the fact that 'the more you do, the more you do'. The more active you are, the more active you will become and choose to be...get it? So if you start attending more events, classes and even parties, it will urge you to want to do more of that.

5. It Reduces Stress - Socialising will help you to take the focus off yourself and situation and will reduce the time you spend worrying, which means stress levels will drop - whoop!

6. A New Perspective - When socialising you will obviously talk about your life experiences and any issues you are facing. Sharing this with another person who may give you their own opinion on that issue you have been having with your boss or that hard to deal with client - may make you see that your issues aren't as bad as you had initially thought.

7. Good For Good Mental Health - Humans are social beings so we naturally need to have physical, verbal and social interactions. Therefore without positive interactions and lasting relationships our emotional and mental well-being can suffer.

8. Will Reduce Loneliness - Whether you have kids or not loneliness is easy to fall into. Being super busy with children or a 60 hour a week job can mean that you have very little time for social interactions which is an easy way for loneliness to slide right in.


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