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My Single Motherhood Truths

As a mum of a one year old boy, I'll start by saying this - "wow" I never imagined that children could be such hard work. I mean I had heard the stories and read a few articles, but always felt that they may be slightly exaggerated, but needless to say l was very, very, wrong. Motherhood is actually the equivalent of 2.5 jobs! And I now appreciate a mother who is doing her best and still looks amazing! It’s so important to take care of mum in order to maintain wellness throughout our lives.

I went into motherhood with full force. A year on, I'll say that my social life, friendships and even dating has changed. Yes dating! I am on my own on this journey and it's pretty scary, but nevertheless I remain positive, until I can pull a Ciara and find my dream guy! It's inevitable that dating will be different. What will men think while I tell them "sorry I've got to get back to my kids", not sure yet, as a year on I am only just getting my confidence back and coming out from the shadows of the dreaded "single mum" badge.

Socially, only mums get it, and you see friends less. It’s me and my son now! My life journey has been frivolous regarding work life balance and getting the ‘right job’. My overall goal is to spend more time bringing up children, so needing something to fit around this would be ideal.

As a parent I feel there are not many opportunities for part time, flexible jobs, but this is changing slowly. Mums want to be able to have a job and make time for their children, but long hours and days make it harder. Where is the compromise?

Thinking, looking and feeling good is a lifestyle that can be hard to maintain as a mum because of daily challenges. I would like all the mums who feel like they wake up day to day and have no time to make themselves look and feel good, to stop and dedicate some time to feeling great about you. It’s vitally important that us as mums feel our best first for the benefit of our children. It’s all a simple mind set, just like everything else in life.

So back to men and dating! It’s confusing for me because I still have to look for a partner, so I still have to look good for those honeymoon period moments etc. Despite this, I still think that if you have your family life together and a partner who doesn't care too much about what you wear or how you look, do it for yourself, you are a woman after all.

Dedicate an evening or two to self care. Spa baths, hair maintenance, cleansing rituals, and order that new outfit your have seen! You will feel amazing for it, promise.

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