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5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Intelligence

The world is a sea of information, and when it comes to smarts you are never too old to learn a new thing or two. However, we know there are quite a number of things things that can get in the way of learning; work, motherhod and lack of time to name but a few, but we shouldn't let that stop us.

Increasing our intelligence also helps us in work and social situations. Nobody wants to attend a dinner date or party completely stumped and not being able to chip in on the conversation taking place (and we all remember that episode of Friends where Joey bought a ton of encyclopedias, because half the time he had no clue as to what the others were talking about, right?) So how can we increase our intelligence in 5 quick and simple ways. Don't worry, we've got you.

1. Read

My dear mama's, when was the last time you picked up a book. I know, I know, time is a pressing factor, but with studies showing that reading is incredibly beneficial for the brain, we simply can't miss out on thois simple and quick way to increase our brain power. Start by picking up something that really interests you. How to start your own business, a book on positivity, historical events, knitting. Whatever floats your boat. Spend at least 30 minutes reading before bed and not on social media and you'll be suprised at how competent you'll begin to feel.

2. Surrond Thyself With Smart People

The saying that you are similar to the closest 5 people in your life reigns true here. The people we spend most of our time with have the greatest effect on our own beliefs, habits and norms. So if you are ready to take charge and up your game then opt to hang out with individuals who are smarter than you. The level of gains will be immense and you'll be elevating yourself with very little effort at all.

3. Learn

The brain is a serious muscle, one that needs to be excercised, daily. Leave it to its own devises and it will simply become stagnant and limp. Excercise the heck out of it by learning and filling it with new knowledge then it will be as strong as er an ox? All those hours you spend on Youtube watching cats doing the strangest of things, well, transition that into watching documentaries or learning a new language.There are a ton of videos on the media platform, so there are no excuses. Eveybody is bound to find something that interests them.

4. Challenge Yourself

Complacency really hinders cogntive growth. Life is about having new experiences,so you should start by taking on new tasks like building a new work station or making a den for the kids in the garden (a little far fetched maybe, but let's aim high) The challenge alone will give you motivation and drive even if you have to call in a builder half way to finish what you started. Your brain will thank you for it too, as this will help it to make new neural connections, creating an optimal environment for learning.

5. Do Things The Hard Way

Since the dawn of the net the world has become a little lack luster in retrieving information. Google has become mans best friend, our advisory, doctor, therapist, motivator, maths teacher, road map, you name it Google can probably give you the answers to it. Now don't get me wrong I give dues and respect to the net, but it's a little bitter sweet, as the days of normal communicaton or map using have gone. Start using your brain to work out your 7 year olds math questions and a map to get you to the new playground. Our brain just like us needs to be challenged and if you don't challenge it it'll end up as a couple pounds of mushy mess.

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