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Why We Are So In Love With The Ultimate Badass - Felicity Hayward

If you haven't heard of Felicity Hayward then where on earth have you been, and if you're not following her on Instagram then you certainly should be. For those who don't know Felicity is an advocatye of self love, self acceptance and total badassery.

I myself totally hate the term plus size model and choose to label every model whether a size 6 or an 18 just as they are - a model. With industry standards of beauty being set for so long we are looking for a change and a more universal appeal and approach to beauty.

So, que the badassery. Felicity recently holidayed in Santorini, where she was mocked by two onlookers about her body. She stood tall and hit back with this ultimate photo captioned:

"To the couple sitting on the beach laughing + taking photos of me enjoying my hols, I will stand in front of you + take this photo, my body is just as worthy as yours babe.

"I'm gunna live my best life just like this + you can carry on with dealing with your own insecurities [sic].

It's still so sad to see people trolling individuals based on their exterior and appearance and even worse when individuals are being mocked publicily for simply being themselves.

We totally dig her resiliance, self belief and determiniation and are so here for her movement to encourage and promote body positivity. Check out the hashtag #selflovebringsbeauty yo find out more.

The road to self love can be a long and arduous one, but if you become mindful of who you really are, are accepting of your flaws and live intentionally then you are more than well on your way.

Miss Felicity Hayward, we salute you.


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