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7 Simple & Time Saving Beauty Tips

When motherhood is in full swing, it's fair to say that most of us have very little choice but to kick our beauty routines slightly to the curb. The days of self pampering are few and far between and between nappies, cooking, bickering and a failing bed time routine we pretty much have no time to spend on ourselves. But if like me you tend to be optimistic and still opt for quick fixes, that will have you looking like you havent been wide awake for over 5 years, then you should still make time for the bare minimal. So let's not fret and work with what little time we have and indulge in 7 simple time saving beauty tips that will not break the bank and will save you plenty of time.

1. Apply a BB cream with an SPF to add a beautiful glow and protect your skin with minimal effort.

2. Exfoliate in the bath/shower and rub coconut oil all over your skin for a softness that rivals any baby bum.

3. Use a mascara that lifts, adds volume and a real depth of black so that you only need apply one coat.

4. Had no sleep? Use tired eyes eye drops to wake up your peepers.

5. Use a cream shadow or a shadow stick to apply a gorgeous wash of colour in seconds.

6. Tame your brows with a tinted brow gel for a polished finish without having to draw in each hair with a pencil.

7. A good lip balm to keep lips hydrated and supple is essential and takes no time at all.


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